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Black/Blue Black/Orange Popsicle

This Sandy River, Oregon winter steelhead is featured on the video below.
Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, Kings have fallen for Foxee Dog in every one of the featured colors.
Charles St. Pierre designed the Foxee Dog anadromous fish fly series using traditional, proven proportions, but used the latest materials and tying techniques. Following the lines of the famous Nordic Atlantic Salmon Temple Dog Series, the Foxee Dog Series is tied on Waddington Shanks rather than tubes. This places the hook back further toward the rear of the fly, because Pacific Coast fish often grab from the rear of the fly. Foxee Dog Flies are tied with a combination of Arctic Fox and angel Hair in the wing. these materials are very fine, and flow and pulse in the water with life imitating motion. Foxee dogs are beautiful to look at. They shimmer and dance in the currents. Foxee Dogs are slightly  smaller and lighter in weight than most Intruder style flies and therefore allow an angler to cover a different range of fishing conditions. They are superbly adapted to big wide classic runs. Best of all they catch fish, as witnessed by the pictures below.

Foxee Dog, Black/Blue

Charles St. Pierre & Hawkeye Hawkins on the Kenektok River at Alaska West Lodge, Alaska.
Foxee Dog, Black/blue
Kings and steelhead in glacial origin streams especially like this color.
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ST047BB Foxee Dog, Black/Blue 2 3 for $10.50

Foxee Dog, Popsicle

Marcy Stone displays a Sandy river winter steelhead that ate a Foxee Dog in Popsicle colors.
George Cook developed an orang & purple marabou fly called the Popsicle in the 1980's. It went on to become one of the most popular flies in Alaska and British Columbia. Charles St. Pierre has adapted the colors to a lighter, airier version.
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ST047 Foxee Dog, Popsicle 2 3 for $10.50

Foxee Dog, Black/Orange

This winter steelhead fell for a Foxee Dog, Black/Orange.
Black and Orange Foxee Dogs are proven to be one of the most reliable steelhead flies, both winter and summer.
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ST047OB Foxee Dog, Black/Orange 2 3 for $10.50

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