Flats Flies

Flats Flies, best in the world for bonefish, permit, and redfish.

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Flats flies are for most fish that live on warm saltwater flats. These species might include bonefish, permit, redfish, and also fish that are on the flats seasonally such as bluefish, sea trout, jacks, lady fish, cobia, etc. These flies imitate shrimp and crabs, and other closely related organisms. Baitfish flies can be found in other directories.

Avalon Permit Fly
Avalon Permit Fly

Bonafide Crab

Bone Shrimp, Tan

Bone Wigglers, Pink

Bone Wigglers, White

Bonefish Bitters, Amber
Bonefish Bitters, Hermit Crab
Bitters, Hermit Crab

Bonefish Bitters, Olive

Bonefish, Critter

Bonefish Scampi

Bonefish Slide
Charley, Pink
Charley, Pink

Charley, Tan

Christmas Isl. Sp., Orange

Christmas Isl. Sp., Pink

Christmas Is. Sp., Pearl

Crafty Shrimp

Crimp, Merkin Brown

Crimp, Merkin Brown

Defiant Crab, Brown

Defiant Crab, Olive

Defiant Crab, Tan
EP Spawning Shrimp, Root Beer
EP Spawning Shrimp, RB
EP Spawning Shrimp, Tan
EP Spawning Shrimp, Tan

Gummy Minnow, Pearl

Kwan, Chartreuse

Kwan, Tan

Mark's Deep Eye Minnow

M ark's Red Eye Shrimp

Mark's Spawning Shrimp

Merkin Permit Crab

Natural Crab,Green
Natural Crab,Green
Natural Crab,Tan
Natural Crab,Tan

Puff Shrimp, Orange

Puff Shrimp, Tan/Orange
Raghead Crab
Raghead Crab

Redfish Ration, Ambe

Redfish Ration, Bronze

Reefer Mantis

Sand Crab, Bleached

Super Shrimp, Borski's

Teeny Bonefish Fly
Hook Sharpener

Frog Hair Fluorocarbon Tippet

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