Double Agent Fly

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Double Agent - One fly you gotta' have when fishing fresh water!
Green and Black Red and Black
Double Agent Fly, Green and Black
"The black/green combo is the original version that is used when either fishing over spooky fish in gin clear conditions or when trying to actually mimic an existing aquatic food source. It has also worked great as trailer to a larger fly when either nymphing or even stripping a streamer/soft hackle setup." Brian Chou

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37-0360-06 Chou's Bead Head Double Agent Fly, Green and Black 6 3 for $8.25
Double Agent Fly, Red and Black
"In an effort to increase the visibility and contrast of this fly ,an orange bead and wire were added, while still keeping the black collar and tail. For me, it falls under the "small buggy profile with a little more cowbell" category that I'll use in slightly colored water when a larger profile fly feels like too much." Brian Chou

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37-0370-06 Chou's Bead Head Double Agent Fly, Red and Black 6 3 for $8.25
Brian Chou says about his Double Agent fly series: "My whole obsession with soft hackles started with how effective they were for trout, and how there was no wrong way to fish them. But, the tier in me felt that more could be done with the collar. By substituting other feathers for the Hungarian partridge that was used on most soft hackles whole new applications could be covered. I had always been fascinated with the subsurface application of CDC and the way it moved, so substituting the partridge and beefing up the thorax with dubbing resulted in my first version of the fly destined for espionage.
After success swinging it for summer steelhead and nymphing it for winters, I found a change needed to made from the original hooks as even the 2x strong caddis/scud hooks would bend out on bigger fish. The requirements were that it needed to be a small but strong, chemically sharpened offset hook (enter the Owner SSW, a hook that I have used and trusted, and was offered in a size 8).
After the switch, my landing ratio not only went up, but so did my confidence in fishing the fly, which as we all know, is where everything needs to start!
What continues to amaze me is how many species will eat this 'bug', from trout and steelhead to tilapia and carp, the list keeps growing!"
Bruce Berry adds: The other thing I know about the fly, is it works well swung. Nymph it alone or in a tandem set up, Swing it alone or in tandem behind a traditional hairwing (tied 3-feet from the hook bend of your hair-wing), or as a comeback fly. In every case this fly works best when attached to the leader with a non-tightening loop knot".

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