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Fly_du_Jour Green Butt Purple Prism
Green Ant   Surgeon General
Paul Franklin with a wild Deschutes steelhead Few rivers stir up steelhead fly fishing fantasy like Oregon's Deschutes. Big, brawly, wind swept and hard to wade, it tests the metal of "out-of-staters", and locals as well. Being the first deep, cold tributary east of the ancient Cascades of The Columbia, the Deschutes gets supercharged runs of Redband Steelhead. Many steelhead from upper Columbia tributaries summer-over in the Deschutes' to escape the Columbia's warm flows. These grabby steelhead come aggressively to the surface for flies presented with floating lines in the classic fashion.

Prism Fly

Tilda Runner with a nice steelhead landed on a Prism...

The Prism was first tied by Mark Bachmann in the early eighties.  He designed it to be an unobtrusive pattern for low, clear water.  The Prism works any time of year, but is especially effective during the late season after the steelhead have been pressured. Several very large
steelhead have been tricked by the Prism. In October, many summer steelhead have been away from the Ocean feeding-grounds for several months.  They start to forget about the brightly colored marine organisms that nurtured them there, and begin to turn "trouty" in their behavior, looking for things with more freshwater coloration. The Prism turned the trick. Several very large steelhead have been taken on this pattern.  It has proven itself very useful as a come-back fly, after steelhead have risen to, but have refused a brighter colored fly.

Prism Fly

Item Description Size Price To Top
37-1170-04 Mark's Prism 4 3 for $7.50
37-1170-06 Mark's Prism 6 3 for $7.50

Green Butt Purple
This is my version of what I feel is the most productive floating line summer steelhead pattern. I have landed steelhead from the West Coast to the Great lakes on this searching pattern. Obviously, I didnít reinvent the wheel with this one. I simply gave a pattern Iíve been using for fifteen years a face lift. I love the Purple Green Butt because it offers everything summer steelhead desire... Purple and chartreuse with a little flash. I believe this fly is so effective because steelhead can see it coming from a long ways off. Basically, it just catches their attention.When I tied this version, I wanted a fly that was had a slim profile for greased line fishing in warm water, yet wasnít dressed so low water it wouldnít be effective in colder water temperatures. As it comes dressed from Solitude, itís a perfect silhouette for average water temperatures in the 46 to 65 degree range. Like all of my patterns, I will remove both wing and hackle material with my nippers if I need a slimmer profile in warmer water temps. If the water drops below 46 degrees, Iíll switch to a sink-tip and a larger fly like my Loop Leech. 

This steelhead fell for a Green But Purple... 
Green Butt Purple 
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ST20905  Green Butt Purple  3 for $11.25 Out of Stock

Fly du Jour Special Edition  BUY NOW!

 This fly was an instant success. Clients called it, "Fly du Jour" (fly of the day).
The name stuck and this pattern has remained in the spotlight for about twenty years.

Fly du Jour
Hook: Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron NSI
Thread: Red Uni 8/0
Tag: Flat Silver Mylar
Butt: Fluorescent Pink Edge Bright
Ice Dub, Purple
Rib: Flat Silver Mylar

Hackle: Purple Saddle
Wing:  Selected Hair Wing, White Kid Goat
            Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash, Cerise KF02
Head:  Red
Common Sizes: This fly is most often used in sizes five and seven in rivers like The Deschutes, John Day, Grand Ronde and Clear Water

  The "Fly du Jour" has been proven on all sizes of rivers and during a wide range of water temperatures, and conditions.  It is one of the have-to-have flies no matter where you fish steelhead along the Pacific Rim. The Fly du Jour may be the best of all the Deschutes summer steelhead flies for floating line fishing the majority of the season.  Ninety percent of the season it is my point or dropper fly of choice.  Just another purple and pink fly?  Maybe?  There are many.  Purple and pink is a popular theme on the Deschutes with such patterns as Rick's Revenge, Silvey's Sno Cone, and the Freight Train being examples.  The Fly du Jour is different because it uses a revolutionary material called Edge Bright for the orangish pink butt.  Edge Bright is a material that gathers light through its broad side and amplifies it through its narrow edge. It is wrapped on the fly so that the rear edge of every wrap is exposed.  Viewed from the rear this butt literally glows.  The effect is further enhanced with the butt surrounded by a halo of dark purple materials.  Sorry to say that Edge is no longer made, and we only have enough to tie our own flies, and when they are gone...we don't know of any material that can take their place. The Fly du Jours in stock may be the last ever.
The pattern was an instant success when it was introduced in 1990.  In the space of a couple of weeks two different groups of clients who didn't know each other called it the Fly du Jour (fly of the day), and that is how it got it's name.  These "Special Edition" Fly du Jours are tied on Alec Jackson Nickel Plated Steelhead Iron hooks. This is a well proven fly, having been used for many years by our guide service. The Alec Jackson hook is noticeably heavier than the original TMC hook, which allows the fly to ride a little deeper in the water. The nickel plating increases the flash factor. There are #3 Fly du Jours for winter fishing. Tie one on during your next trip to the coast.

Special Custom Flies on extra strong Alec Jackson Steelhead Irons.

Item Description Size Price To Top
st-ffs-101-03 Fly du Jour, Alec Jackson Nickel Plated Steelhead Iron hook 3 3 for $11.25

st-ffs-101-05 Fly du Jour, Alec Jackson Nickel Plated Steelhead Iron hook 5 3 for $11.25

st-ffs-101-07 Fly du Jour, Alec Jackson Nickel Plated Steelhead Iron hook 7 3 for $11.25

The #5 Fly du Jour pictured here has landed 3 steelhead.
No one beats our quality at any price!

Surgeon General
Listed as Surgeon General Dark in Trey Combs book, Steelhead Fly fishing and Flies, this pattern has caught Deschutes steelhead for us for at least 30-years.  t is believed to be originated by Dr. Robert P. Terrill of Gleneden Beach, in Oregon in honor of Dr. Herbert Bently, a highly regarded neurosurgeon. There are three other Surgeon General patterns in this series that were

 listed in this book, that have disappeared from most fly boxes. This pattern was listed in Trey's book as one of the hottest new flies in 1976. It has stood the test of time by being one of the most reliable steelhead wet flies ever tied. We have modernized this classic fly by having it tied with the latest materials on Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron hooks. Don't worry, this version is thoroughly proven.  Super Premium Quality! Special Custom Flies on extra strong Alec Jackson Steelhead Irons.
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST00105 Surgeon General 5 3 for $11.25
ST00107 Surgeon General 7 3 for $11.25

Green Ant

This somber fly has proven itself as a top producer of Deschutes steelhead for at least the past fifteen seasons. It is extremely effective on early season A-run fish and always a good bet for a come-back fly after you've moved a steelhead with a brighter fly. We have modernized this classic fly by having it tied with the latest materials on Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron hooks.
Super Premium Quality! Special Custom Flies on extra strong Alec Jackson Steelhead Irons.
Green Ant
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST00205 Green Ant 5 3 for $11.25
ST00207 Green Ant 7 3 for $11.25

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