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Weedless Deer Hair Bass Bugs
These sculptured spun deer hair bass bugs are "fly tiers art" in the purest form.  Each Color is a separate bundle of hair that is spun into the head and trimmed to shape.  They can be treated with fly floatant to ride high for a minimum amount of disturbance or allowed to absorb water to ride in the surface film.
Dirty Frig
The Dirty Frig Deer Hair Bass Bug was designed by Mike Huffman to imitate a foraging frog.  Frogs don't just sit around puffing up and loudly asking for sex all of the time.  Sometimes they have to eat.  During this process they hunt by swimming around and crawling around and sitting in ambush.  Bass know how frogs act.  They act like this fly. This fly is Weedless!

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23359 Dirty Frig Deer Hair Bass Bug, Olive/Yellow 2/0 3 for $20.85

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