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Crayfish Flies

Conehead Crawbugger Crawdad, Olive
Crawdad, Tan/Brown  

Illistration from "Aquatic Trout Foods", (Click Here For More Information).

Crayfish are a big mouth-full for big trout and bass. In some waters "big" fish will feed almost exclusively on crayfish. Crayfish live on the bottom and the patterns listed below are often presented best with a sinking line. Crayfish are difficult to imitate with flies and at best are highly impressionistic.

Conehead Crawbugger
When trout in rivers reach 5-pounds or better only the hatches of very large insects or hatches with very dense concentrations will bring them to the surface to feed.  Big trout like to eat their food in big bites.  Other smaller fish offer food in big bites but are often hard to catch.  Crayfish are another organism which produces food in big bites and is easier to catch.  
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00510-06 Conehead Crawbugger 6 3 for $5.85

Bachmann's Crawdad, Tan/Brown
Medium size trout will eat very large crayfish.  Back in the days when we used to kill trout, stomach autopsies revealed 3" crayfish in 14" trout.  Much larger specimens were found in larger trout.  The crayfish flies offered here represent small to average size crayfish found in trout's stomachs.
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9114-04 Crawdad, Tan/Brown 4 3 for $7.50 Out of Stock

Bachmann's Crawdad, Olive
There are several color phases of crayfish that live in our local waters.  Everyone is familiar with the phase that displays orange claws.  However other phases exhibit olive tones.  Many are individuals that have recently shed old shells.  Olive crayfish are often soft shelled.  These are especially appealing to game fish.
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99309-04 Crawdad, Olive 4 3 for $7.50 OUT OF STOCK

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