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Clark Stone, yarn body stonefly dry flies.

Yarn Body Stonefly, Orange Yarn Body Stonefly, Golden

 Lee Clark

 During the 1980's, many tiers made their Salmon Fly and Golden Stonefly patterns heavier in weight and denser silhouette.  The Bullet Head Salmon Fly is an example.  Oregon fly tier, Lee Clark made his flies lighter. His fly is called the Clark Stone. The body is made of course, stranded, translucent poly yarn. This pattern floats like a feather and will often bring up jaded fish when nothing else will.  The hook shank is wrapped with flat gold mylar tinsel.  This helps camouflage the hook in the sheen of the surface film.  The body is comprised of a bundle of parallel poly fibers.  These fibers trap air between them and float like a yarn strike indicator.  Further flotation is gained in the elk hair wing and dense collar hackle.   From the under side the impression is blurred of movement like an insect that is flapping its wings.  These yarn body stones have always worked best for us when insects are very active.  During these periods there are usually good number of bugs on the water to stimulate trout feeding. Pictured above is Lee Clark tying at the 2009 Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo in Albany, Oregon.

Yarn Body Stonefly, Orange
The Salmon Fly hatch can be more complex that one might expect.  It pays to have a variety of fly sizes, colors, weights and silhouettes.  If for no other reason than to have something different than the last guy who fished your piece of water.  Every time a trout gets hooked it becomes more selective.
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12024 Clark's Salmon Fly, Orange 8 3 for $7.50

Yarn Body Stonefly, Golden
Even though Salmon Flies and Golden Stone Flies may be along the river in mixed populations, they may not be on the water at the same time.  You should carry flies that look like both species.
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12027 Clark's Golden Stone 8 3 for $7.50

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