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CDC Salmonfly

The Natural Approach to Picky Trout
We have all been standing on the banks of river that are completely lined with teams of Stone Flies. The sky looks like something out of a Howard Hughes movie. Somehow with all this biomass of life culminating in front of your eyes, the trout are less than interested in your well placed offerings.
A glance in you fly box reveals a collection of modern ralistic patterns, made with scientific care,but yet somehow not as deceiving any trout...polly wings and foam backs to enable your flies to float with all the added legs and jazz associated with “New” patterns.
You noticed plenty of interest, but no commitment, like my high School days. Hungry trout racing to confront the helpless offering but a short follow or quick refusal is all that happens. This is where a Fisherman can step up and become an angler. Trout don’t usually move to check something out without the intentions of eating it. These “New” patterns are great but usually are a fad and quickly over fished. By mid-season the banks hav been pounded with the heavy foam and flash flies.When fish start get more persnickety the use of low profile natural patterns is often unsurpassed. Often the older more impressionistic patterns, such as the Norm Woods, Clark’s Stone and Sofa Pillows will do more damage.

Enter center stage - the Man, Myth, the legend Mr. Rene Harrop, who invented the CDC pattern for some of the pickiest trout in America, those that live in the Henry's fork… Just saying that if he can fool them there, we can fool our Red Side here. Don’t be afraid to have a box full of different patterns for the up and coming hatch. You will need them.
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RD185 CDC Salmon Fly 6 3 for $10.50

CDC Golden Stone Fly
This is the ultra low floating CDC version of the Golden Stone. Most anglers, who are familiar with this type of fly use powdered, rather than liquid or paste type floatants. Some anglers even trim the bottom off the hackles to make these flies float even lower. When fish have been heavily pressured, try a downstream, slack line presentation, so that your quarry can't see your leader.
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RD183 CDC Golden Stonefly 8 3 for $7.50

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