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In the Pacific Northwest, Caddisfly hatches are a major food sources for stream trout from spring to late fall. Having the right caddisfly patterns can make the difference between catching a few fish, or many fish!
Better Foam Body Caddis Goddard Caddis Quigley's Midget Caddis
Brian Silvey's Caddis Headlight Caddis Parachute Caddis
E/C Cutters Caddis Hemingway Caddis Peacock Caddis
Elk Hair Caddis Henryville Caddis X-Caddis
Giant Caddis Hot Wing Caddis Yeager's Neversink Caddis
We are told that over 250 different species of caddis inhabit our local streams.  
These can be broken down into manageable categories. Listed by body color, size and frequency, you would probably wind up with something like this:
1. brown body 14 - 16 5. bright green body 14 - 18
2. black body 16 - 20 6. gray body 14 - 18
3. tan body 14 - 16 7. cream body (water moth) 14 - 18
4. olive body 14 - 18 8. orange body 6 - 12

This selection is for rivers that drain both west and east slopes of the Cascade Range. These can be rain forest mountain rivers to the west and desert rivers to the east. Within this region there are a great diversity of habitat types to be encountered. Incredibly, these rivers have very similar caddis species. This does simplify fly selection a bit. Be aware however, that there are more than a few wild cards out there....And that is why our caddis pattern selection is so large.

If you are a serious fly angler, you can never know enough about the organisms that trout prey on. The easiest way to access this information is through good reference books. We highly recommend The Hatch Guide For Western Streams by Jim Schollmeyer .
The Venerable Elk Hair Caddis !!! 
The Elk Hair Caddis was first tied by Montana trout guide Al Troth. It quickly became one of the most popular dry fly styles used on big western rivers. Caddis flies tied with hollow elk body hair for a wing had already been tied, but Al Troth just made his flies float better by leaving the wing butts extend beyond the eye of the hook. This tying techinqe added balance, so the fly always landed on the water with the right additude.  These puffy hollow hair butts also added flotation, but best of all, they made these flies look more like the real item. Trout like them.
One Guide Added A Foam Body For Even Better Floatation !!! 
Larry Kingrey of Canon City, Colorado designed the K's Better Foam Caddis series to be nearly unsinkable. This is one of the best caddis dry flies patters for fishing choppy riffle water. The foam wrapped body floats, even after the rest of the fly is wet. This fly pattern comes in the perfect sizes and colors to match most of the caddis hatches.  Be sure to carry the full sellection
Hot Wing Elk Hair Caddis Explained !!! 
Many of our customers do not have perfect eye sight. For many years we have been experimenting with dry flies that are tied with wings made from highly visible materials. Fluorescent Antron is easiest to see and adds floatation to the fly. The concept isn't new. Several years ago we read an article by George Harvey which touted the virtues of highly visible dry flies. The better you can see your fly, the better 
you canfish. You can detect strikes easier. But more importantly you can control drag better. Controlling drag will get you a lot more strikes. I used my clients as guinea pigs. Even young anglers with good eyesight fished better with the hi-vis flies and often complained when I ran out of them. These are called Hot Wing Elk Hair Caddis. The way the flies are tied, the bright wing topping is only visible from the top and the trout aren't even aware it exists. They like 'em. Of course for you non-believers, we still offer the old stand-byes.
The key to success is "understanding".  You can never know enough.
Understanding the organisms that trout feed on is one of the keys to catching trout.
The Hatch Guide For Western Streams by Jim Schollmeyer 
is great reference material for the trout fisher.
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