Blue Charm Fly

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The Blue Charm fly is commonly used for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead .

Blue Charm
This is possibly the most successful anadromous fly of all time. Made popular in the 1920's by Arthur Wood a renowned salmon fisher on Scotland's Dee River, as reported in the writings of Jock Scott. Mr. Wood reportedly landed over 3,000 salmon during his lifetime using this fly pattern. During this era all fly lines were made of silk, which is slightly heavier than water. Mr. Wood greased his line

Blue Charm

with a compound of animal fat so that it would float, and allow his fly to be fished next to the surface of the water, thus evolving the "Greased Line" style of fishing. This method with the Blue Charm remains very popular today. Our blue Charms are sparse dressed in the "Greased Line" tradition. Who can argue with a man who has landed over 3,000 Atlantic Salmon?
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