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Bend Back Flies


Rattlefish Flies

Bend Back, Blue Back

  Rattle Fish, Green

Bend Back, Yellow


Trigger Fish


This style of fly was reportedly first tied by saltwater fly fishing legend, Chico Fernandez.  Bend Backs are tied on specially bent hooks that cause a fly to ride upside down while being fished.  The main reason is to keep the fly from snagging onto vegetation & coral.  Bend Back hooks give a different profile to the fly than conventional hooks.  Bend Backs are great for simulating many compressed body bait fish such as shad, sardina and herring.  They can also take on the appearance of juvenile snappers and other reef fish.  Bend Back Flies fish well in very shallow water.  These are flies you should consider for Bonefish, Jacks, Redfish, Snook and all manner of reef fish.

Blue Back Bend Back Fly
Dressed very sparsely it gives the impression of an injured minnow flitting around before dying.  Can be fished in gnarly terrain and around fairly tight cover. An easy meal without much exposure.  This is powerful medicine for a predator fish to resist.

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30251 Blue Back Bend Back Fly 2 3 for $11.25

Yellow Bend Back Fly
Proven Snook fly in the rivers of Southern Belize where they feed on a sub-specie of Blue Gill sunfish called Tuba.  Also proven on Jacks that were feeding on juvenile Yellow snappers.
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30256 Yellow Bend Back Fly 2 3 for $11.25

Mark Bachmann with a shook caught with a Yellow Rattle Fish.

Rattle Fish Flies
These flies are tied bend-back style so they ride with the hook point up.  This allows you to fish them near the bottom without fear of snagging.  These flies swim with a rocking motion. Inside of the body of the fly is a small glass rattle. As the fly is retrieved this rattle makes a clicking sound.  Many species of game fish have refined hearing which they use for hunting.  Hearing becomes a primary sense when visibility in the water is low.  Try a Rattle Fish when the water
 is muddy or at night.  The Rattle Fish series also works well when the water is clear.

Rattle Fish, Green
A great pattern for fishing along reefs
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99857 Rattle Fish, Green 1/0 3 for $11.85

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