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Fly Fishing Bees & Wasps

Yellow Jacket
Bees and wasps are very familiar insects.  They are around rivers and lakes from spring until autumn. Bees perform a vital role because they are responsible for pollinating flowers.  Wasps are predacious and some prey extensively on aquatic insects.  Bees and wasps probably don't make up a large percentage many game fishes annual diet.  However, there are specific times and places where they can produce energetic rises.  Most bees and wasps are yellow and black banded.  This coloration may be one of natures warning signals that the bearer is equipped with poison protection.  Trout, bass and pan fish will often target bees and wasps when they are readily avalable.  More about fishing with Yellow Jacket Flies.
More about bees & wasps.
Yellow Jacket
Yellow Jacket Wasps are insectivores that like to hunt around water. Trout like Yellow Jackets. The rest is obvious. Yellow Jacket is the best pattern we've found. It can be fished either wet or dry.
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19059 Caleb's Bee Boyles- Yellow Jacket 12 3 for $7.50

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