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Bass-O-Matic Bass Fly
Bass-O-Matic, Black Bass-O-Matic, Chartreuse

No doubt the Bass-O-Matic bass fly got its name from Dan Aykroyd's famous skit on Saturday Night Live (Season #1, 1976). Flies like this have been around in one form or another since there has been lead eyes and rubber leg material. They are essentially very effective copies of jigs used by bass tournament fishers. Each fly is equipped with a mono weed-guard, so you can get down and dirty without getting hung up.
Bass-O-Matic, Black
Black is a good bet any time of year for bass. The Bass-O-Matic is heavily weighted for fishing deep. Often when the water is very warm larger bass find spring holes and deep shady spots and stay there, even during low light periods. In your boat or float tube, it pays to have one rod rigged with a fast sinking line, and one of these flies. Have another rod rigged with an intermediate line and the same fly. Have another rod rigged with a popper for fishing very early and very late. Fish your fly very slowly. Give it an extra twitch once in a while. Pretend you are teesing a house cat with a string. Be tuned in for gentle strikes.
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23319 Bass-O-Matic, Black 2 3 for $15.75
Bass-O-Matic, Chartreuse

This gawdy pattern is very good during bright days, but is also productive in muddy water. The Chartreuse version can be fished much the same as the black pattern above.

Large mouth bass can become very lethargic for a period after they spawn in the spring.

Item Description Size Price To Top
23316 Bass-O-Matic, Chartreuse 2 3 for $15.75

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