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Bass fishing is more fun with a fly rod and flies.
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Because of their hardy nature and aggressive attitude, black bass are the most popular game fish in the U.S.A. They are natural "fly rod" fish because they spend a lot of time near the surface of the water.

Bass are not native west of the Rocky Mountains.  However, both Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass have easily adapted to many bodies of water in the Pacific Northwest.

In Oregon, Large Mouth Bass are prolific in many low elevation lakes and farm ponds in all regions. Locally, the Willamette and Columbia River sloughs, as well as Rock Creek and Pine Hollow Reservoirs have good bass fishing. Here bass fishing starts getting good by mid-April when the water temperature is above 54 degrees. Woolly Buggers fished deep and slow can provide 50 fish days. As soon as the water temperature reaches 60 degrees, these bass start hitting the surface and popper fishing can go all day long.

Small Mouth Bass are also abundant in Oregon. The John Day and Umpqua are the two best known Small Mouth Rivers in our state. The Crooked River arm of Lake Billy Chinook is another favorite. The mainstay of Small Mouth diet is crayfish. Crayfish patterns are dynamite when fished deep and slow with a sinking line. Small mouths also feed on a variety of nymphs and bait fish. During the warmer months, casting small poppers and sliders to grassy banks and rock out crops can provide explosive activity.

Northwest anglers are learning that bass are a lot of fun on a fly rod. A selection of surface bugs coupled with a good collection of leeches, nymphs, baitfish patterns, crayfish and woolly buggers will equip you well for Northwest bass fishing.

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