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Black Frog Purple White
Every bass fisher has his or her favorite bug.  This style could be everyone's favorite.  Chewy-Pops have soft heads and are very lightweight and aerodynamic for easy casting.  They hit the water gently, but  will pop loudly if given a sharp pull.  The round rubber legs, and Flashabou and marabou tail wiggle seductively.  Chew-Pops are very durable and produce explosive takes. Of course they are weedless so they can be fished in dense cover. If you knew how good they are, you'd have a box full of them.
Chewy Pops are easy to cast and bass like 'em!

Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, Black
Black with yellow legs and silver Flashabou is a winning combination over the widest range of conditions.  This popper is especially effective in low light conditions.  Chuck this popper up against the bank or into holes in the weeds on a full moon night and see what happens.  Use a short, stout leader.

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06192-04 Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, Black 4 3 for $15.75

06192-06 Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, Black 6 3 for $15.75

Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, Frog
Frog is a favorite color with bass and bass fishers everywhere from Mexico to Oregon and in the South in the USA.  This mottled and spotted natural color mimics a great many natural bass foods.  This has always been a good early morning pattern.  Try this color just as they are waking up.

Item Description Size Price To Top
06193-04 Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, Frog 4 3 for $15.75

06193-06 Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, Frog 6 3 for $15.75

Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, Purple
Purple is an early in the morning and late in the evening color. It can be especially good in turbid water.

Item Description Size Price To Top
06198-04 Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, Purple 4 3 for $15.75

06198-06 Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, Purple 6 3 for $15.75

Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, White
White works where bass feed heavily on shiny minnows such shad. White can also be useful when fishing at night.

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06200-04 Chewy-Pop Bass Popper, White 4 3 for $15.75

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