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Map of Alaska  Alaska has 47,000 miles of ocean coastline, more than all the other states combined. The interior abounds with as many miles of shoreline on lakes and streams. Alaska is a coldwater fly angler's dream. Many anglers migrate to Alaska during the summer months to partake in the bounty of the "last frontier". On this page is the most complete selection of proven Alaska flies to be found anywhere. They are made from the finest materials available.
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Click any of the flies below to purchase, or to get more information. Good luck on your Alaska  fishing trip.

Alaskabou, Blue Moon

Alaskabou, Popsicle

Alaskabou, Volcano

Egg Leech, Black

Egg Leech, Purple

B.L. Flesh, Peach Pink

B.L . Flesh, Cotton Candy

B.L.Flesh, W.Out

Lady Flesh Fly

Lady Flesh, Articulated

Lady Flesh, Articulated, Tan & Orange

Bead Head Egg

Egg Sherbet

Glo Bug, Alaska Roe

Glo Bug, Baby Pink

Glo Bug, Golden Nugget

Glo Bug, Oregon Cheese

G. Bug, Peachy King

Glo Bug, St. Orange

Krystal Bugger, Purple

Morrish Mouse

Pink Polly Popper

Sculpin, Big Gulp, Black

Sculpin, Big Gulp, Olive

Sculpin, Big Gulp, Tan

Sculpin, Shiela

Sculpzilla, Black & White

Sculpzilla, Natural Brown

Sculpzilla, Olive & White

Sculpzilla, Natural Tan

Sculpzilla, White

Guide Intruder, Black

Guide Intruder, Chartreuse

Guide Intruder, Pink

Lady GaGa, Blue

Lady GaGa, Pink

Jumbo Critter, Black& Blue

Jumbo Critter, Blue and Chartreuse

Jumbo Critter, Pink & Orange 

Jumbo Critter, Purple

Stinger Prawn, Black & Blue

Stinger Prawn, Chartreuse

Stinger Prawn, Purple 

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