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Steelhead, Chinooks, Chums, Char & Coho will feed on shrimp & prawns when they are available.  These fish often retain the search image of these crustaceans long after they leave the Ocean and enter freshwater.  These are must have flies for Alaska, Kamchatka, British Columbia & the lower 48.  These flies are 4 inches long.

Chartreuse & Black Red & Black Red

Chartreuse & Black Marabou Shrimp
No one can deny that chartreuse is a productive color for Pacific salmon, including Chinooks, Chums & Silvers, much of the time.  This is a proven pattern in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.
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99714-2/0 Marabou Shrimp, Black & Chart, 2/0 3 for $8.85

Red Marabou Shrimp
Often nothing beats red when the sun is high.
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99715-2/0 Marabou Shrimp, Red, size 2/0 3 for $8.85

Red & Black Marabou Shrimp
This is a proven pattern for Alaskan Kings and is especially good in clear water.
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99716-2/0 Marabou Shrimp, Black & Red, 2/0 3 for $8.85


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