Bead Head Krystal Bugger

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Bead Head Krystal Buggers also catch Deschutes steelhead. Bead Head Krystal Buggers are universal flies that have caught salmon, steelhead, trout and bass. They work equally well in lakes and streams. They have even caught surf perch and other small saltwater fishes. Krystal Buggers don't imitate anything specific that we know of, but they have lots of wiggle and flash when wet,  that approximates leeches and small fish. To anadromous fish, such as salmon & steelhead, Krystal Buggers might look like the shrimp, krill, and small squid that nourished them in the ocean
Bead Head Purple Krystal Bugger
The Bead Head Purple Krystal Bugger is a potent pattern for both Coho and Steelhead in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.  Fish this fly deep with a sinking tip line.

B.H. Krystal Bugger, Purple

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