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Morrish Mouse Pink Polly Popper  
In Alaska the big rainbows often shun hatches of aquatic insects and prefer to dine on the prolific rodents.  Coho and Chum Salmon rise to waking dry flies as big as marshmallows.
Alaska dry flies are just bigger.

Morrish Mouse
Mark Bachmann photo.
Mousing for trout is done in many parts of the world, most notably in Alaska, but also in Oregon where both bull trout and brown trout have been caught with mouse patterns. The mouse is even reported to attract very large taimen, which inhabit many of the watersheds in Asia.
Ken Morrish photo.
The Morrish Mouse designed by Ken Morris, owner of Fly Water Trave, LLC, is the pattern of choice when travelling in "BIG-TROUT" country. Even moderate size can eat a mouse.
Ken Morrish photo.
Larger trout such as the one above may eat several mice per day if they get the chance. Trout like this probably aren't much interested in dainty little dry flies. They want meat on the hoof.
Idylwilde photo.
A Morrish Mouse and a real mouse regurgitated by a large trout. Idylwilde photo.
Alaska is noted for its outstanding Rainbow Trout fly fishing.  In many of the best rivers these Rainbows are large enough to eat the tundra's most prolific rodent, the ubiquitous Lemming.  Offered here is the most proven Lemming pattern, the Morrish Mouse, as produces by: Idylwilde.
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SIG1505 Morrish Mouse 6 3 for $10.50

Pink Polly Popper
Unsinkable and nearly indisturctable. Throw some of these in you pack for fresh Silvers and Chums.

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St288PK Pink Polly Popper 2 3 for $10.50 Out of Stock

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