About the flies sold at The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon

A tackle rep came into our store the other day wearing a T-shirt, which said on the back, "I survived the early buy at The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches"! I didn't realize we had been so mean to him. All we asked for was his best.

We endeavor to sell only the finest flies that you can buy, period. No doubt you can buy cheaper flies elsewhere. That's right…cheaper. If they sell for less money, they are lesser flies.

Some outfits sell flies that are no more than fuzz and feathers on a hook. They are scraggly and ragged and made to fall apart after several casts. These flies lack soul and they are also lacking in fish fooling ability. They are simply meant to fool tight wad, uneducated anglers who spend more of their time looking for a deal than looking for fish.

The most experienced and discriminating anglers in North America design the patterns that we sell. Their talents are combined with the finest hooks and materials that money can buy.

The finest craftsmen and craftswomen in the world tie our flies. They are supervised by keen, experience fly angler / supervisors and must meet ridged quality controls.

This combination of gifted designers combined with skilled tiers produces a superior product.

However, these flies still have to pass my personal inspection. I guess that's how I got the reputation of being the most unrelenting critical, demanding, confrontational fly buyer in the business...a reputation that is damn well deserved and one that I very proud of.

If you ever buy a bad fly from us please send it back for replacement.


Mark Bachmann

The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR

1 (800) 266-3971

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