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Bone Minnow, Gray
Bone Minnow, Olive

You will need to carry an assortment of bonefish flies in several different weights to accommodate different water depths. Flies tied with bead-chain or lead eyes are often the rule so that your fly will get to the bottom quickly. However, sometimes bonefish will feed in water so shallow that their backs and eyes are above the surface.  Believe me, these fish have the panic button pushed part way down all the time.  The slightest disturbance will send them running for cover. Heavy weighted flies are a hazard under these conditions.  For these fish you need a very lightweight flies that fish snag free and land on the water with a minimum of disturbance.  The flies on this page were tied with
skinny water fish in mind. Longer leaders are also a help in catching bonefish that are feeding in shallow water.

Bone Minnow, Gray
In southern Belize, bonefish were observed feeding on tiny minnows which inhabited sparsely vegetated grass flats. Both Clouser Minnow and Glass Minnow patterns would take some of these fish, but had the maddening habit of getting stuck on the bottom at just the wrong time.  We tied some minnow patterns in the "bend-back" style and they worked much better, and

when a mono weed guard was added, the flies became nearly snag proof.  We also discovered that these small baitfish were able to change color with the bottom color.  Gray backed flies worked better over very light colored bottoms.
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06248-06 Bone Minnow, Gray 6 3 for $7.49
06248-08 Bone Minnow, Gray 8 3 for $7.49

Bone Minnow, Olive
This was our original weedless minnow fly for fishing very shallow water.  In some areas both bonefish and permit eat small baitfish when they are easily available. Several permit have been landed on this fly as well as many bonefish.  This color can be deadly over certain grass flats.

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06249-06 Bone Minnow, Olive 6 3 for $7.49
06249-08 Bone Minnow, Olive 8 3 for $7.49

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