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 Deceiver Flies, medium size bait fish patterns
Black Blue/White Red/White
White Green/White Wild Bill
Lefty Kreh developed the Deceiver bait-fish series around fisherman's principals. A fly has to be streamlined enough to be cast easily and accurately. Any fly that will foul around the hook is a distraction. Deceivers have a very realistic silhouette and don't foul very often. They are slightly buoyant which gives them a unique action when fished with either floating or sinking lines. We've taken the liberty to add our own improvements to the patterns by adding Flashabou, hand painted eyes and an epoxy coating on the head. Every fly listed here is unique and designed by us. these flies are tied on stainless steel saltwater resistant hooks and are constructed for durability using only the finest materials available.

Deceiver, Black
A great fly for night fishing for big jacks, or when fishing turbid water for tarpon. This fly can also be very productive when fishing shore lines for snappers & cabrilla.
Item Description Size Price To Top
40028-02 Deceiver, Black 2 3 for $17.85
40028-2/0 Deceiver, Black 2/0 3 for $17.85

Deceiver, Blue/White
This is a top pattern for many near-shore and blue water game fish. Pacific yellowtail, dorado, skipjack tuna, yellow fin tuna, green jacks, jack crevelle, groupers and snappers have all fallen for this pattern. In the Caribbean, giant barracuda, jacks and even tarpon have been landed on this Blue & White Deceiver. Take a few of these on your next pike, lake trout or Pacific salmon trip.
Item Description Size Price To Top
40015-3/0 Deceiver, Blue/White 3/0 3 for $17.85
40015-1/0 Deceiver, Blue/White 1/0 3 for $17.85

Deceiver, Green/White
Lots of flash in this pattern gives it a wounded baitfish look. Many bait fish get a sparkly look after the have bee struck and some of their scales have been knocked loose. This is often a key for attack by several species of predator fish such giant barracuda and Chinook Salmon. There are many species of bait fish that have greenish of olive colored backs. This fly can be deadly on many species of large game fish in both fresh water and saltwater. Take a few of these on your next pike, lake trout or Pacific salmon trip.
Item Description Size Price To Top
40020-3/0 Deceiver, Green/White 2/0 3 for $17.85
40020-1/0 Deceiver, Green/White 1/0 3 for $17.85

Deceiver, Red/White
This is obviously a bleeding or blood-shot bait fish pattern. Ask any near-shore saltwater guide for a list of his favorite flies or casting plugs is and you can be sure that red and white will show up in the mix. That is because most predator fish will target wounded bait.
Item Description Size Price To Top
40025-1/0 Deceiver, Red/White 1/0 3 for $17.85
40025-3/0 Deceiver, Red/White 3/0 3 for $17.85

Deceiver, White
White is a color that shows up in almost any light, or water condition. White is the color of a baitfish belly. This fly has been successful in many saltwater and freshwater arenas.
Item Description Size Price To Top
15499 Deceiver, White 1/0 3 for $17.85
40027-2/0 Deceiver, White 2/0 3 for $17.85 Out of Stock
15501 Deceiver, White 4/0 3 for $17.85

Deceiver, Wild Bill
This mackerel pattern combines peacock swards with liberal amounts of flash. It is a killer on jacks, and dorado.
Item Description Size Price To Top
40026-2/0 Deceiver, Wild Bill 2/0 3 for $17.85

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