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Quigley's Film Critic Sparkle Dun, Grey Olive PMD Thorax, Pale Olive
Quigley's Sparkle Flag PMD Cripple CDC Spinner, Pale Orange
Hackle Stacker, Pale Green Hairwing Dun, Pale Pink PMD Nymphs
Quigley Cripple

Pale Morning Mayfly form "Hatch Guide For Western Streams" by Jim Schollmeyer.  (CLICK HERE) for more information.

These small light colored may flies were designed for the angler who would rather sleep late.  Pale Morning Duns (PMDs) usually hatch mid to late morning.  But, during some magic days, hatches can continue into the late afternoon. In our local rivers these hatches start in June and run into August.  From our observation, this seems to be a fairly diverse group.  Top of body coloration can range from light 

olive, to yellowish olive, to pale orange, to pink. Most typical top side coloration is usually pastel creamy yellow-olive with very light dun wings.  Underside coloration can vary as much as the top side coloration.  Belly colors range from light yellowish-olive to light olive or green and can even be pastel orange or pink.  These flies can have olive backs and pink bellies. There can be many subtle color variations.  Don't be afraid to catch and examine individual flies.  Hatches can incorporate two or more sub-species coming off at the same time, or one hatch can quickly follow another.  One kind can be slightly larger.  The fish can be very, very picky; keying on the minutest detail. The selection of flies listed below will cover all of the sizes and colors that we've encountered.

Evidently changing from nymph to dun is an arduous task for PMDs. Many get hung-up in the nymphal shuck and are crippled or still-born. Healthy insects are most vulnerable when sliding from their nymphal skin. At this stage they can neither swim, nor fly. Some trout will completely ignore healthy duns and key only on deformed insects, or target insects that are "hung in the shuck". Be patient and observe closely.  Paranymphs, Emergers, Sparkle Duns and Cripples can match hatching PMDs.  Try fishing a sparkle Dun on a dropper and a Cripple on the point.

Trout can feed ravenously on duns during peak hatches. If this happens in soft riffle water, you can experience some of the worlds best small dry fly fishing. The patterns listed below span a number of colors and silhouettes. All are appropriate at times.  PMD behavior can vary between species and different stages of the hatch.

PMD spinner falls can create great fishing in slow water or back eddies.

Quigley's Film Critic, PMD
This pattern is deadly on the most selective of situations on spring creeks, tail waters,  lakes and placid pools.  I use this pattern as a better replacement for my original Quigley Cripple and fish it in the same situations which is when the hatch is on.  It’s no secret among long time hatch fisherman that we have developed a more educated trout in water that is receiving ever more angling pressure.  The film critic certainly fills the bill
Quigley's Film Critic, PMD
as a new film pattern, for me and all who have tested it.The pattern is essentially a floating half submerger, 1/2 nymph, with a true to the natural thin and segmented body.  The pattern has an emerging shedding shuck look to the tail that adds even more realism for selective trout.  Aside from greater visibility and floatation the stacked hackle and forward wing suggests a mayfly escapement ready for flight but is hung in the film hence the name.  The flies in this series land delicately on the stacked hackle, tilting the wing up and forward providing great visibility for the angler of all levels of experience and capability. -Bob Quigley
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SIG1639 Quigley's Film Critic, PMD 18 3 for $5.85

Quigley's Sparkle Flag, PMD
Born out of the Hackle Stacker and Sparkle Stacker, Bob Quigley’s Flag Duns are the next best thing to hit spring creek fishing since polarized sunglasses.  The Flag Duns use the “stacker” style wing to float the bugs and insure light delicate presentations without spooking wary fish. The Flag Dun series is constructed with a thread body to create an even slimmer profile than the Hackle Stacker
Quigley's Sparkle Flag, PMD 
series and better mimic the natural mayfly.  The addition of the flag on the front of the fly gives a wing like silhouette to the fish while providing extra visibility to the angler.
Advantages of Design
1. The Flag gives the angler added visibility while fishing size 18, 20 and 22 flies.  The hackle fibers spread over the top catch and reflect light already making the fly easy to see.
2. A very slim body mimics the natural mayfly allowing the fly to fool extremely picky fish
3. The Flag gives the fly a mayfly wing silhouette
4. The Hackle is on top of the fly letting the body sits in the film closely mimicking the natural mayfly.
5. Using a minimal amount of material in the fly and the spread out “stacked” hackle allows the fly to be land lightly which in turn lets anglers effectively fish this family of flies to pickiest trout without spooking them when the fly lands.
6.The Hackle Stacker design is a very durable fly in a category where many of the flies are quite delicate in construction.  This is important during short hatch periods or fading light, when fly changes cost you lost opportunities.
7.The stiff dry fly hackles are easy to dry out with a couple of false casts to keep you fishing rather than changing flies or using desiccants to dry out your fly.
When & Where
The Flag Duns were originally designed to catch picky fish in spring creek conditions.  The beauty of the Flag Duns is its versatility.   This series of flies will fish just as well in free-stone rivers, tail waters and lakes. The angler needs every advantage he/she can get.  Stocking your box or bins with this fly will give any angler an edge.
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SIG0921 Quigley's Sparkle Flag, PMD 16 3 for $5.85
SIG0922 Quigley's Sparkle Flag, PMD 18 3 for $5.85

PMD Hackle Stacker, Pale Green
This trailing-shuck dun rides with its belly flat on the water or the body slightly submerged. Hackle Stackers land very lightly and ride equally well on rough or slick water surfaces.
PMD Hackle Stacker, Pale Green
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20462 PMD Hackle Stacker, Pale Green 16 3 for $5.85
20463 PMD Hackle Stacker, Pale Green 18 3 for $5.85

PMD Sparkle Dun, Grey Olive
We first read about Sparkle Duns in an article by Craig Mathews in Fly Fisherman Magazine. Prior to that PMD hatches were often frustrating for us. After we started using these trailing-shuck flies, PMD hatches got easier. On our rivers, several subspecies of PMD type mayflies are pale olive on the back.
PMD Sparkle Dun, Pale Olive
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15798 PMD Sparkle Dun, Grey Olive 18 3 for $5.85

PMD Sparkle Dun, Cream/Yellow
We first read about Sparkle Duns in an article by Craig Mathews in Fly Fisherman Magazine. Prior to that PMD hatches were often frustrating for us. After we started using these trailing-shuck flies, PMD hatches got easier. On our rivers, several subspecies of PMD type mayflies are pale olive on the back.
PMD Sparkle Dun, Pale Olive
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15804 PMD Sparkle Dun, Cream/Yellow 16 3 for $5.85
15805 PMD Sparkle Dun, Cream/Yellow 18 3 for $5.85

PMD Cripple
This cripple is tied to show mor of the nymph than the dun and is often the most effective pattern to use during the early stages of a PMD hatch. Apply floatant to the wings and hackle and saturate the rear of the fly with saliva.
PMD Cripple
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18714 PMD Cripple 18 3 for $5.85

PMD Hairwing Dun, Pale Pink
Mark Bachmann developed this fly pattern for the lower Deschutes River where PMD hatches emerge from rough textured water early in the season. The quill body produces a slim profile matching the real duns. The #16 size matches the earliest hatches of "Pink Alberts".
  PMD Hairwing Dun, Pale Pink
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20495 PMD Hairwing Dun, Pale Pink 16 3 for $5.85
20496 PMD Hairwing Dun, Pale Pink 18 3 for $5.85

PMD Thorax, Pale Olive
The Thorax Dun comes from the fertile mind and ample fly tying skills of Mike Lawson. This yellowish olive body fly more closely matches PMDs that hatch from streams in the Rocky Mountain States.
PMD Thorax, Pale Olive
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15961 PMD Thorax, Pale Olive 16 3 for $5.85
15962 PMD Thorax, Pale Olive 18 3 for $5.85

The key to success is "understanding".  You can never know enough.
Understanding the organisms that trout feed on is one of the keys to catching trout.
The Hatch Guide For Western Streams by Jim Schollmeyer 
is great reference material for the trout fisher.
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