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This Green Drake photo is the cover shot from: WESTERN MAYFLY HATCHES By: Dave Hughes and Rick Hafele, which is the most authoritative work on western mayflies available. Click this picture to buy one. Fishing Green Drake Hatches
These large insects are trout candy on our western streams. Green drakes are the largest mayflies that provide fishable hatches in our fast local waters. In the Pacific Northwest region, look for them toward the end of the giant stonefly hatches; May & June. Hatches occur during mid-day and are usually easily visible.  Windless, cloud-cover days are best. Green Drakes are large insects and evidently taste really good to trout.  When Green Drakes hatch in good numbers the trout forget all other foods and target them only.  A dense hatch of Green Drakes can bring the largest trout to the surface.   But, Green Drakes are fickle and somewhat unpredictable.  Some days have heavy hatches others very light.  Some regions of a stream will have more insects than others.  Green Drake hatches are something that the fully armed angler prepares for, even though it may not be the main target.  However, if you ever encounter a major Green Drake hatch and are unprepared you will remember it with sorrow.  Pictured is a Drunella Grandis dun, which is the cover shot from WESTERN MAYFLY HATCHES, By: Dave Hughes and Rick Hafele.  It is a great reference material for the trout fisher. Check out our special deal.

Green Drake Epoxyback Nymph Green Drake Epoxyback Nymph
Green Drake Mayflies are the largest mayflies that hatch from our faster west coast rivers.  They often leave the water in dense enough hatches to create good rises. They also create interest for a couple of hours before each hatch.  Green Drake nymphs are big and very rough looking.  Pound the bottom with this fly early in the morning.  Fish it unweighted during the earliest stage of the hatch or as a dropper during the hatch.
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11925-08 Green Drake Epoxyback Nymph 8 3 for $6.75

Green Drake Ultralight Emerger
Some times Green Drakes emerge from the nymphal shuck while they are still submerged.  Usually they emerge as written above.  As the dun pushes through the opening in the back of the nymph it assumes a hunch back pose.  This fly was designed by Mike Huffman and is similar to his famously successful Ultralight Hex Emerger.  This fly floats because of the sealed cell foam on the back of the fly.  You should dress the dear hair wing with fly floatant. Spit on the lower part of the fly so it dangles below the surface of the water.  Available by 06/10/06.
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03106-08 Green Drake Ultralight Emerger 8 3 for $7.50

Green Drake Cripple  Green Drake Cripple 
Sometimes the emergence doesn't go acording to plan.  The dun gets stuck in the nyphal shuck and runs out of strength before it can pull free.  It is neither a water or air breathing insect. It dies half in and half out of the water.  It is a cripple.  It becomes fresh meat for the scavengers.  Its an easy enough target to interest big, selective trout.  Grease the hackle and deer hair wings.  Spit on the soft absorbent body and tail.  This is a particularly effective fly on slick water places.
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2007-08 Green Drake Cripple 8 3 for $6.75
2007-10 Green Drake Cripple 10 3 for $6.75

Green Drake B.D. E. EXT Dun
The hardest part about fishing this fly in a dense hatch, is its hard to tell your fly from the reel ones.  It floats because of the foam body, but you will want to dress the fly with floatant for the best performance.  The B.D.E. EXT Dun will float in the fastest flows, but it also fools 'em on slick spring creek water.

Available by 06/10/06.

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03108-08 Green Drake B.D.E. EXT Dun 8 3 for $7.50

Green Drake Hair Wing Dun  Green Drake Hair Wing Dun 
These hefty mayflies are a big enough bite to bring trout up in rough, fast moving water.  To fish this kind of water takes a different fly the fishing smooth water.  Here the the fly doesn't have to be as realistic, but it needs to be extremely buoyant.  It also need to be very durable.  The hair wing dun carries a lot of floatation in the wing as well as hackles and large body. Grease the whole fly, but with just enough to coat the fly but not weight it down or change its color.   Dave's Bug Float works good on this fly.
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2005-10 Green Drake Hair Wing Dun 10 3 for $6.75
2005-10 Green Drake Hair Wing Dun 12 3 for $6.75

Green Drake Hackle Stacker  Green Drake Hackle Stacker 
The Hackle Stacker is a fly that will fool trout even when the water is slick and slow moving.  It is often good to position your self up stream of a rising trout. Use a downstream slack line cast to bring the fly to the fish tail first before the leader.  Long tippets are a real help.  If the fish can not be approached this way and the cast has to be made upstream, be sure your tippet sinks before it comes into view if the trout.  Because this fly is made from soft deer hair, it is good for a limited number of fish.  Buy a number of spares.
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Q1073-10 Green Drake Hackle Stacker  10 3 for $6.75
Q1073-12 Green Drake Hackle Stacker 12 3 for $6.75

Green Drake Loop Wing Paradun Green Drake Loop Wing Paradun 
Very similar to the Hackle Stacker, except that the loop wing is more prominent.  This fly is also a slightly different color and will better mimic certain hatches, as there are variances in tones from stream to stream.
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Q212-12 Green Drake Loop Wing Paradun 12 3 for $6.75

Green Drake Quill Body Parachute Green Drake Quill Body Parachute
This fly is gaining popularity, both in the Pacific Northwest and the rocky Mountain states.  The body is wrapped with a turkey biot feather which gives a very realistic, segmented look to the abdomen of the fly.  Since this is the part of the body that most heavily impacts the surface of the water, it is highly visible to the trout.  It is slightly more durable than bundled deer hair bodies of the extended body paradrake flies.
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2004-10 Green Drake Quill Body Parachute 10 3 for $6.75
2004-12 Green Drake Quill Body Parachute 12 3 for $6.75

Green Drake Spinner  Green Drake Spinner 
Some reference books will tell you the Green Drake spinner-falls occur only in the dark and are of no consequence to the angler, but I have encountered several. My first Green Drake spinner-fall was in the mid-1970's on the pool upstream of Bridge 99, on the Metolius River.  We had arrived too late for the hatch the day before, but I had noted some very large Green Drake spinners with a few trout rising to them.  I caught a couple spinners and put them in a jar.  Later at the cabin, I tied three flies using stiff poly
yarn for the wings.  This morning the hatch had been very sparse, but the hatch the day before had been very heavy, and this days spinner-fall was equally heavy.  The trout went nuts and my new fly was an instant success.
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2015-08 Green Drake Spinner 8 3 for $6.75

The key to success is "understanding".  You can never know enough.
Understanding the organisms that trout feed on is one of the keys to catching trout.

Dave Hughes and Rick Hafele
is great reference material for the trout fisher.
Check out our special deal.

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