Clouser Minnow

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Minnows, Deep Eyed
Minnows have a few key features. Most species have very prominent eyes.  Small baitfish are often very active, darting and flashing here 
and there in search of food. Action and flash, are features that can awaken the predatory instincts that make many species of game fish bite.  On the fly patterns listed below, the painted lead eyes are very realistic.  The weight provided by these eyes give this type of fly a distinct darting minnow action when retrieved. The long, sparse buck tail and flashabou wing gives each fly a moving, flashing silhouette. These flies are "killers" for many species of salt water fish such as jacks, roosterfish, permit and bonefish. They are also deadly for trout and bass in both lakes and streams that have good minnow populations. 
Chartreuse & White Olive & White  
Sculpin Silver Shiner  

Deep Eyed Minnow, Chartreuse and White  
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50075-04 Deep Eyed Minnow, Chartreuse and White 4 3 for $11.75
50075-06 Deep Eyed Minnow, Chartreuse and White 6 3 for $11.75

Deep Eyed Minnow, Olive and White     Buy
Pattered after the famous Clouser Minnow, this is an indispensible fly for most saltwater destinations. The Olive and White Deep Eyed Minnow is a good imitation of many species of small saltwater fish that larger sport fish feed on. This fly pattern is especially effective when fished deep with a fast sinking line and the heavy eyes help to get it down to a depth where many predatory fish live. These eyes also give the fly an erratic "wounded-baitfish" action when the fly is retrieved.

California Yellowtails find it hard to resist an Olive and White Deep Eyed Minnow.
Troy Bachmann with a Jack Crevelle caught on and olive & white deep eyed minnow...
Many Jack Crevalles have fallen for the Deep Eyed Minnow.

Triggerfish like the one pictured above eat small fish and Deep Eyed Minnows.
In the Sea of Cortez and along the Pacific coast of Mexico, the Olive and White Deep Eyed Minnow is used extensively for many shore-line fish such as all species of jacks, skipjack tuna, cabrilla, pargo, barracuda, yellowtail, triggerfish, and roosterfish. Often schools of smaller size baitfish draw the attention of marauding game fish, even to the point that they will ignore larger specimens of the same specie. Many times we have observed very large yellowtail, jack crevalle and roosterfish targeting bait that averaged less than two inches long when five-inch bait was readily available. This can be very frustrating when all your flies are large and the fish are ignoring them. At first it didn't make sense that fish weighing between ten and fifty pounds would selectively feed on the smaller baitfish, especially when specimens of the same specie were available in larger sizes. It is probably because younger/smaller fish are less experienced and are easier to catch. These flies are tied on strong, saltwater resistant hooks, using the finest materials available. The machined brass eyes are gold plated. Only the finest Eastern Bucktail is used for maximum swimming action.

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201501 Deep Eyed Minnow, Olive and White 2 3 for $11.85 out of stock

Deep Eyed Minnow, Sculpin  
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50077-04 Deep Eyed Minnow, Sculpin 4 3 for $7.50
50077-06 Deep Eyed Minnow, Sculpin 6 3 for $7.50

Deep Eyed Minnow, Silver Shiner  
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50105-06 Deep Eyed Minnow, Silver Shiner 6 3 for $7.50

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