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Mark Bachmann with a Belizian bonefish.

Bonefish Fly, Silicone Leg Wigglers
At a place called Buttonwood Caye, out of Placencia, Belize there is a huge pile of Conk shells piled there over the years by commercial fishermen.  The population of sand fleas and other little aquatic critters that has come to the area to eat the Conk meat scraps have chummed up a sizeable school of large bonefish on the flats around the Caye.  The Bonefish Wiggler Series is a winner in these medium depth flats.  Fish your wiggler with slow strips and a little jerk at the end to make the silicone legs wiggle.
Bonefish Wiggler, Tan
This is a great pattern for medium depth flats of 1'-3' deep.  Fish the fly with a little jerk at the end of each strip so that the silicone legs wiggle.

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