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Bonefish Critter, Borski's Kwan, Chartreuse Puff Shrimp, Orange
Bonefish Scampi Kwan, Tan Puff Shrimp, Tan
Bonefish Slider McFlea Squimp
Crafty Shrimp, Bauer's Mini Krystal Shrimp, Chart. Super Shrimp
Crimp, Merkin Brown Mini Krystal Shrimp, Pink Turd Fly
Crimp, Tan    

Bonefish Critter, Borski's Crab

As tied by: Tim Borski
Great for bonefish in most habitats. Imitates the small crabs bones love. Fish with a strip-and-stop retrieve. Bonefish often hit on the stop, so keep your line tight. Originally designed for Bonefish and Permit, the Bonefish Critter has morphed into a great all around pattern. Has also been proven to be a productive fly for other species, such as Redfish. These flies are tied with lead eyes and a mono weed guard.

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15328 Bonefish Critter, Borski's 2 3 for $10.50
15329 Bonefish Critter, Borski's 4 3 for $10.50

Bonefish Scampi

As tied by: Henry Cowen
This is another version of the Crazy Charlie or Gotcha, except the Bonefish Scampi is tied with rabbit strip fur so it has a lot of lifelike movement. Even when at rest on the bottom this fly has movement. Heavy lead eyes help this fly get to the bottom quickly on deeper flats. The Scampi is handy to have when bonefish and permit are in water that averages three to five feet deep.

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15286 Bonefish Scampi, Lead Eyes, Tan 4 3 for $8.95

Bonefish Slider

As tied by: Tim Borski
Noted Florida Keys angler Tim Borski designed this wonderful bonefish fly. Many of Tim's artistic interpretations of crabs, shrimp, and baitfish have become standard patterns for difficult fish. The Bonefish Slider imitates a goby or other small fish that dwell on the flats, and bonefish love 'em!

Item Description Size Price To Top
15257 Bonefish Slider, Brown 4 3 for $12.95
15258 Bonefish Slider, Brown 6 3 for $12.95

Crafty Shrimp, Bauer's

This banded shrimp pattern is medium weight for fishing average depth bonefish water. This is a go to fly in all waters that harbor populations of banded critters that game fish such as bonefish, sea trout, and redfish hunt for, which comprise much of their habitat..

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17015 Crafty Shrimp, Bauer's, Bead Chain Eyes 4 3 for $10.50

Crimp, Merkin Brown

As tied by: Doug McKnight
As the name implies, the Crimp is half crab and half shrimp, and then some! Bonefish, Permit, Redfish love to pin this fly to the bottom and crunch it. This fly has a great Crustacean shape and has a ton of movement, and is a winner throughout the gulf and the Caribbean for any species that seeks shrimp and crabs.

Item Description Size Price To Top
15315 Crimp, Merkin Brown 4 3 for $19.25

Crimp, Tan

As tied by: Doug McKnight
The Crimp has heavy eyes and a weed guard so it can be fished on the bottom around various types of structure without fouling. The Crimp is designed to be a general searching pattern for most flats that average two to four feet deep. Have some in your box when fishing for bonefish, permit, redfish, jacks, snappers & snook.

Item Description Size Price To Top
15316 Crimp, Tan 4 3 for $19.25

Kwan, Chartreuse
As tied by: Pat Dorsy
The Kwan Fly was invented for the backwaters and flats of South Florida to imitate the mottled blennies and gobies that sport fish prey on. The striped Kwan quickly proved itself in many other waters. The fly was initially tied for bonefish. It quickly proved it's worth on virtually every species of fish in South Florida and on many other flats in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Item Description Size Price To Top
17675 Kwan, Chartreuse 4 3 for $10.50
17676 Kwan, Chartreuse 6 3 for $10.50

Kwan, Tan
As tied by: Pat Dorsy
This is a very effective redfish fly in various conditions. Because of the basic shape of it's body, it makes a good crab/shrimp/gobie/blennie imitation in shallower water. Unlike most crab imitation flies this fly is also productive when stripped as a streamer for blind casting, or fishing to cruising reds.

Item Description Size Price To Top
17670 Kwan, Tan 4 3 for $10.50
17671 Kwan, Tan 6 3 for $10.50


Sand fleas are the vultures of shallow warm saltwater. They devoure any dead sea critter, and collect around any dead or dying critter. Bonefish eat sand fleas. These flies are very light weight and can be fished in extremely shallow water.


Item Description Size Price To Top
06834-06 McFlea 6 3 for $10.50

Mini Krystal Shrimp, Chartreuse

This is kind of a "Blind Charley" pattern, that is a Crazy Charley tied without eyes. Krystal Shrimp flies are best fished in shallow water.

Item Description Size Price To Top
18421 Mini Krystal Shrimp, Chartreuse 6 3 for $7.49

Mini Krystal Shrimp, Pink

The Krystal Shrimp series is meant to be fished in places where flies tied with metal eyes would get hung on the bottom. This is a have to have fly if you are traveling to Southern Belize or Turneff Atol. The smaller size one often works best.

Item Description Size Price To Top
18419 Mini Krystal Shrimp, Pink 6 3 for $7.49
18420 Mini Krystal Shrimp, Pink 8 3 for $7.49

Puff Shrimp, Orange

On a trip to Andros South Bonefish Camp, we drifted up within casting range of a whitish streak of clouded water. It was being caused by bonefish rooting for food buried in the bottom of the shallow flat. Sometimes bonefish hydraulically excavate food organisms from soft silt by squirting jets of water from their mouths. This results in a cloud of debris which drifts with the current, sometimes for many yards. The cloud is called a "Mud". As we slowly approached the mudding fish, I offered a fly box and asked our guide Fredlon what fly to use.

To my surprise he pointed to a pattern which had been introduced to us by Derrick Muschamp on our first bonefish trip to Belize back in 1982, the Orange Puff. The fly was attached to the leader and cast blindly into the whitish cloud. After allowing time for the fly to sink, several jerky strips got a crisp strike. This and several more medium size bonefish fell for the fly in quick succession. When I asked Fredlon what the bonefish thought the Puff fly looked like, he replied with a big grin, "Pink jelly beans, man! Who can refuse them?"

Pink Puff
This is a variation of the fly attributed to Capt. Neil Bohannon which was first tied in the 1970's as the Mini Puff. The original was light pink in color. Our modification using slightly different colors has proven to be even more productive under many situations. Medium weighted with stainless steel bead-chain.

Item Description Size Price To Top
18479 Orange Puff, Bonefish Fly 6 3 for $7.49

Puff Shrimp, Tan

A darker version of the famous Orange Puff.

Item Description Size Price To Top
64210-06 Puff Shrimp, Tan 6 3 for $7.49


A squid or a shrimp, or chicken and dumplings, who cares what they think it is. Everything that swims on the flats, bonefish permit, snappers & jacks will eat a Squimp.

Item Description Size Price To Top
15166 Squimp 6 3 for $8.95
15167 Squimp 8 3 for $8.95

Super Shrimp

As tied by: Tim Borski
This fly has become one of the standards for many bonefish, and redfish destinations.

Item Description Size Price To Top
15335 Super Shrimp, Borski's 4 3 for $14.85

Turd Fly

As tied by: Brian O'Keefe
This is a fly for extremly spooky bonefish. Let the fly rest on the bottom or twich slightly to get attention from the fish. this fly is equipped with a weed guard.

Item Description Size Price To Top
65009-04 Turd Fly 4 3 for $7.49

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