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Poling a skiff for bonefish, South Andros Island, Bahamas. Photo: Andrew Bennett -
Andros South Bonefish Bonefish Camp.
Bonefish have been termed "ghosts of the flats". They are indeed that. They spend much of their time in skinny water and are superbly adapted to it. Their biggest asset is their chameleon-like ability to change color with their surroundings.  
They are streamlined and very fast. Their hydrodynamic shape gives them the capability of sneaking around with a minimum of surface disturbance and their speed gives them the chance to change locations very quickly if threatened.  This speed makes them one of the  worlds most sought after sport fish. Their preferred habitat makes them a premier fly rod fish. 

Bonefish inhabit most of the world's tropical waters. Their range circumspans the globe. The most popular bonefish destinations are Christmas Island, Florida Keyes, Bahamas, Belize and Yucatan.

Bonefish average 1 1/2 to 15 pounds throughout their range. Most bonefish in shallow water are 2 to 5 pounds. A ten-pound fish is a trophy anywhere. Four year old bonefish average 20" long.  Twenty five inch bonefish are 10-11 years old.  Trophy bonefish of 30" may be more than twenty years old.

Bonefish are capitalistic bottom feeders. Their main diet consists of mollusks and crustaceans. They will however, eat minnows and worms. Within this collection are flies to match all of the organisms in this extensive diet. 

A school of perhaps 300 bonefish between 3 & 6 pounds waiting to eat your fly in the Bahamas !!!
A massive school of bonefish. This picture was taken from a 7th floor balcony of the Wyndham Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas. Photo: Mark Bachmann

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