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Come, hang out with us.
    June 07, 2014    

Tenkarafest II
June 07, 2014
 Tenkara is so easy, anyone can do it!
Free Barbeque at The Fly Fishing Shop: NOON - 1:00pm
On The Water Demonstrations at Mt. Hood Village: 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Tenkarafest is sponsored by The Fly Fishing Shop & Mt. Hood Village.
There is no charge for attending Tenkarafest.
Everyone is welcome!

Call for more info: 1-800-266-3971

This year's program is greatly expanded from last year.

Popular Northwest Angling Author, Dave Hughes has been Tenkara Fishing for more than 20 years. Dave will do a comprehensive 45-minute slide show on Tenkara fishing, at Tenkarafest II. Dave will also have a table at the event where he will be selling & signing his books and answering questions.
Jeff Gottfried  from ERA (Educational Recreational Adventures) will do a classroom presentation focusing on traditional Tenkara fishing in Japan and distinguishing this from how Tenkara fishing is being practiced in Japan, and how it is being practiced in North America.

Jeff Gottfried and Sam Vanderbeek of Educational Recreational Adventures, the only tenkara fly fishing guides in Oregon certified under the Tenkara Guides Network, will present a short cultural history of tenkara fishing in Japan and the introduction and adaptation of tenkara to North American waters. They will have on hand a collection of traditional kebari, tenkara flies, given to Gottfried by Yoshikazu Fujioka, a tenkara expert with whom he fished in Japan. In addition, they will demonstrate a variety of tenkara rods, lines and techniques in the Salmon River and assist novice tenkara anglers in learning techniques. 

Jeff Gottfried, Executive Director and Lead Guide of ERA, has been teaching and guiding tenkara for 7 years. Last year, Gottfried and Sam Vanderbeek, ERA Program Director taught 127 people to fish tenkara. Every client from age 5 to 78, caught at least one trout and some as many as 12, on their first day of tenkara fishing. Last year, Gottfried landed a 19" cutthroat and a 20 rainbow on a tenkara rod using 5x tippet (and no reel). Join us at Tenkarafest to learn how this is done!

Dick Sagara, Northwest TFO rep was the center of last year's on the water, introductory Tenkara program and will be the Tenkarafest II, Master of Ceremonies, as well as an on the water Tenkara presenter.

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