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Sundays in November - Fly Tying Roundtables

Learn To Tie Flies With The Pros.
1:00 – 3:00 pm
For new and experienced tiers alike. Everyone is welcome to watch and participate. Instructional demonstrations, special teaching aids, videos and slide-shows. Refreshments will be available. Bring your own snacks if you’d like.
Materials and hooks are provided free of charge but you must have your own tying vise and tool kit to participate.
Room size for all Roundtables limited to 25 students, of which there will be table space for 15 students who wish to tie flies.
November 6
Intro to Fly Tying

A short dissertation on selecting tools and materials, then a demonstration on tying simple flies quickly.
Then there will be a chance for all who want to participate to tie a fly.
Instructors: Frank Day & Mark Bachmann

November 13
Tying Winter Steelhead Intruders
Intruder style flies (sometimes called Shank or Stinger flies) are very popular for anadroumous fish, especially
Chinook Salmon and Winter Steelhead. This program explores engineering designs, basic proportions and construction.
There will be time and free materials for you to tie your own Intruder.
Instructors: Frank Day & Hawkeye Hawkins
November 20
Tying Winter Steelhead Tube Flies
Tube Flies are also popular for Winter Steelhead.
Tied on a variety of both metal and plastic tubes, these are some of the most adaptable flies used for anadromous fish.
There will be time and free materials for you to tie your own Tube fly.
Instructors: Frank Day & Mike Varga
November 27
Tying Trout Spey Streamers
Big trout eat big bites. That is how they got big.
Owning a lightweight Spey rod and learning about tying Baitfish flies will enable you to catch larger trout.
Learn the principles of Baitfish fly design, and construction.
There will be time and free materials for you to tie your own Baitfish fly.
Instructors: Frank Day & Mike Varga
Annual Christmas Party, December 10, 2016
Metal Head Christmas Party
and Annual Winter Steelhead Clinic
A new winter steelhead season is here for celebration!
Free Food, Prizes, Programs, & Demonstrations!
Factory reps and fly fishing experts will share their knowledge.
Sandy River Spey Clave, May 12 - 13, 2016

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