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Clackacraft Outcast
"Fish in style". We guide anglers for steelhead, trout and salmon on divers rivers in Oregon.  Even though all these fish live in similar habitats, there is enough difference in the waters that we fish that three different kinds of boats are necessary to give our customers the maximum advantage in reaching them. Because your success is the most important thing to us, we have invested the extra money in our fleet to give you the best transportation for the quest at hand.  Our new 22' Alumaweld Jet Boat offers huge advantages in mobility and comfort on the Deschutes River. Our Clackacraft fiberglass drift boat runs shallower than any other type of craft so we can put you in places that that other guides quit fishing due to low summer flows in rivers to the west of the Cascades.  Our Outcast Steelheader-18 pontoon boat hauls more gear in rougher water than anything else out there, putting you in touch with winter steelhead during the gnarliest of conditions. Each of these crafts is built by a different company that specializes in that type of watercraft.   To our knowledge The Fly Fishing Shop has the only guide service that is on the pro staff of every one of the companies listed above.

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