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Outcast Steelheader-18
"There's a new boat in town", is the way they'd say it down in Texas.
"Up-graded the guide company fleet by adding a new Outcast Steelheader-18.  Disposed of old inflatable fleet completely," might be the way they would explain it in down-town Portland.
Most likely the way we would describe it in Welches would be, "Wore out the green boat in eleven seasons, scrapped it out and hauled it to the dump. The new Outcast Steelheader-18 was conceptualized, drafted, ordered, delivered and assembled.  The first day out, we explored 25 river-miles of a  flooding local river with it.  The river was too high in water level to be effectively

fished with a fly rod, but it was perfect for testing the new boat.  This boat draws much less water than the old one and may prove to be even better than I expected. It has larger diameter pontoons than the old boat, but they are the same length.  The frame weighs 1/3rd of the old one.  The anchor system, oar towers and storage lockers are all superior to the old boat.  Passengers will ride side by side in this boat.  This boat is built with an extra margin for comfort and safety, even in real gnarly water.

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