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Landing Net Fly Reel Fly Tying Kit
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Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit
  • All tools & materials are included.
  • Ties 10 of today's hottest fly patterns.
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions.
  • Beginner Approved.

Why this kit was developed
Wapsi's goal was to design a kit that focused on giving the starter a positive experience the first time at the vise. To accomplish this goal, they wrote a straightforward book with clear, step-by-step instructions, using materials geared to tie modern fly patterns. They tested this kit by having several focus groups of beginners tie flies with Fly Tying Starter Kits. Their comments and suggestions drove this entire project.

The components of the kit
The focus groups taught Wapsi a great deal about writing an instructional fly tying book. They realized that the photographs and text had to be clear and easy to understand. The second edition of the Wapsi Fly Tying Handbook teaches the fundamental techniques to tie any fly and gives detailed step-by-step instructions to tie 17 modern fly patterns.

Wapsi Starter Kit (KITW1) includes the tools and materials to tie the following 10 fly patterns:
  • Wooly Bugger
  • All Purpose Nymph
  • San Juan Worm
  • Stretch Tubing Scud
  • Foam Beetle
  • Poly Caddis
  • Brassie
  • Bead Head Caddis Larva
  • Fur Ant
  • Inchworm
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KITW1 Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit $69.95

Fisknat San Juan Nets
Nothing goes better with that rod and reel than a fish in your hands, the best way to ensure you don't lose it before you get your photo opportunity is to have a net strapped to your belt. These nets are the safest for the fish due to the soft rubber net bag, so when you release her back into the water, the least amount of damage is done.
Three Lamination Bow
Bow: 9" x 18"
Handle: 8"

Item Description Bow Size Price To Top
FISKNAT-3R Fisknat San Juan model net with rubber bag 9" x 18" $93.00

Simms Dry Creek Flats Pack
Built to protect your necessities from saltwater corrosion, this straightforward design wears on your waist or as a sling pack. A simple, weatherproof storage system. Reflective surface helps keep contents cool.
  • 420 Denier, double-coated polyurethane nylon shell, 210 Denier lining
  • Water resistant, non-corrosive zipper closure at top; weather-tight, not submersible
  • Front ported Tippet pocket
  • External pliers holster
  • Water bottle holster
  • Internal fixed pockets with elastic
  • Strap system allows for easy conversion from waist to sling pack
  • Convenient carry loop
  • 5 Liters, 308 cubic inches, 11"x7"x4"
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PFP1098000 Simms Dry Creek Flats Pack 11"x7"x4" $89.95

Echo Ion Reels
Ion 4/5 Ion 5/6 Ion 8/10 Ion 10/12
The Echo Ion Reels are the best fly fishing reels we have seen in the less than $100 category. They are a hybrid design, in that they are injection molded cast aluminum, then they are machined to very exacting tolerances. This operation gives many of the benefits associated with reels that are machined from bar-stock, but with a huge reduction in manufacturing costs. This results in massive savings to the consumer (you). 
These reels contain ball bearings and a cork disc drag system, all of which are encapsulated in a waterproof carrier. The drag is smooth and fully adjustable. The reels are pained matte black. Internal parts are stainless steel.
These reels are strong enough for light saltwater use, but they are not anodized with anti corrosion coating. Extra care would be required in cleaning and lubricating all surfaces that come in contact with saltwater. Therefore we recommend these reels for freshwater use only. There are four sizes, two trout reels and two steelhead/Spey reels. For the two Spey size reels there is an optional one-and-a-half ounce solid brass drag knob sold as an accessory to add weight to allow these lightweight reels balance heavier two-hand rods. Ions will be popular for beginning anglers, guides who provide tackle and experienced anglers who need back-up tackle. There is great probability you will not be able to find a better deal on a reel unless you steal it.

Ion 4/5

Arbor diameter: 1.7"  Outside diameter: 3.4"  Width: 1.2"
Capacity: WF4F line with 175 yards of #20 backing
Capacity: WF5F line with 150 yards of #20 backing
Item Description Color Price To Top
ION-45R Echo Ion 4/5 Reel Matte Black $79.99
ION-45S Echo Ion 4/5 Spool Matte Black $39.99

Ion 6/7

Arbor diameter: 2.1"  Outside diameter: 3.7"  Width: 1.2"
Capacity: WF6F line with 150 yards of #20 backing
Capacity: WF7F line with 135 yards of #20 backing
Item Description Size Price To Top
ION-67R Echo Ion 6/7 Reel Matte Black $79.99
ION-67S Echo Ion 6/7 Spool Matte Black $39.99

Ion 8/10

Arbor diameter: 2.0"  Outside diameter: 3.9"  Width: 1.5"
Capacity: WF8F line with 250 yards of #30 backing
Capacity: WF10F line with 200 yards of #30 backing
Item Description Size Price To Top
ION-810R Echo Ion 8/10 Reel Matte Black $99.99
ION-810S Echo Ion 8/10 Spool Matte Black $49.99

Ion 10/12

Arbor diameter: 2.4"  Outside diameter: 4.7"  Width: 1.5"
Capacity: WF10F line with 250 yards of #30 backing
Capacity: WF12F line with 200 yards of #30 backing
Item Description Size Price To Top
ION-1012R Echo Ion 10/12 Reel Matte Black $99.99
ION-1012S Echo Ion 10/12 Spool Matte Black $49.99

Temple Fork Outfitters Trout Rod

 A perfect trout rod for the novice or experienced fisherman.

TFO 05 90 2

Length: 9'     Line: #5     Pieces: 2   

The all round, do everything size trout rod.  Rod weight: 3.7 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-059002 Signature Series 5 Med-Fast 1 $99.95

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