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in Oregon

FREE SHIPPING for Orders Over $50.00* !!!

For your convenience, The Fly Fishing Shop offers free shipping 
via UPS Ground or the U.S. Postal Service for all destinations within the 
continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii.
En-route time for most shipments is 2-8 days. 

Orders over $300 will automatically be shipped UPS Ground Track unless otherwise requested.  

Orders requesting SPECIAL FAST DELIVERY 
will be charged for the faster shipping at current UPS rates.
 *some Items do not qualify for free shipping and are marked throughout this site.
Please direct all shipping inquiries to  
or call toll free at 1-800-266-3971

New International Shipping Policy!
Any International customer that order’s $500.00 or more worth of merchandise weighing 10 pounds or less and with a maximum package dimensions of (79” total) will have no shipping fees. Any $500 order/shipments that do not meet these weight/measurement requirements, will receive $100 off of the shipping cost. All International shipments will be trackable.  The carrier will be chosen at our discretion, unless otherwise stated.

Deliveries to foreign countries will be given 5% freight allowance.
This means 5% of the total gross cost of the order is deducted from the shipping cost.
Example: Total cost of merchandise = $100 x .05 = $5.  
$5 would be deducted from shipping cost. 
These orders will be shipped 
Express Mail 3-5 Day unless otherwise requested. 
In many cases the 5% covers the entire shipping cost.
International Shipping Policy

The Fly Fishing Shop is located in the state of Oregon.  
Oregon does not have a sales tax.  
Buying from The Fly Fishing Shop means not paying a cent in sales tax.

Free Fast Shipping:
Under 15 pounds to 60" long
, within lower 48 States, USA, 
Ground transportation + insurance for orders over $500

Are you worried about your credit card numbers being intercepted by an unscrupulous hacker? Send it in two parts - in two separate E-mails. This method is virtually hack proof. You can send your expiration date in a third E-mail to be totally secured. It just takes seconds.  Or simply use our totally secure encrypted Shopping Cart ordering system.

FAX is totally secure. Use our simple order form.

Your numbers are safe with us!

Our Shopping Cart System is Encrypted & Secure.

Your Telephone is always a credit card secure line.

Please call us. Check us out. We are for real:

1 (800) 266-3971

 The Fly Fishing Shop HOME. The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR

1(800) 266-3971

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