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Simms G4 Pro Waders
Simms G4 Pro

Simms G3 Bootfoot


Simms G3 Guide


Simms Freestone

Simms Freestone Zip
Super Dry Fly

Redington Sonic Pro Waders
Sonic Pro Wader

Redington Palix River Waders
Palix River


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valued at $59.95 with each pair of Simms G4 Pro, G3 Guide, Redington Super Dry Fly or Redington Sonic Pro Zip Waders ordered on-line or purchased in our store.

The selection of waders is of prime importance to the fly fishing angler. Your wading apparel determines your performance and safety. It is hard to cast accurately if your coordination is degraded from being wet and cold, and you're not very stealthy if you are shivering. Unlike many anglers who fish rivers of the west from a drift boat, the staff at The Fly Fishing Shop wade-fishes some of the most demanding rivers in the world. That is because many of the best rivers in Oregon are regulated to provide sanctuary water for wild fish and fishing from a boat is prohibited. This gives us the perfect laboratory for testing wading equipment. Because of our marketing ability and our buying power, we are receiving promotional waders from different companies nearly constantly. We've field-tested most of the brands on the market today. Some were junk, others okay, but none compared to the models listed above for value and performance. Yes, there is no denying that all waders eventually will leak. Everything wears out from prolonged use. It is how many days it took for the first structural failure, and how the company backed their product when it happened that counts. If you are a professional guide, you soon learn who to trust for the gear you use. The fact that more professional fly fishing guides wear Simms waders than any other brand says all you have to know.
The Redington waders listed here provide a great price point for casual anglers, and many die-hard anglers wear them too, or carry a pair for back-ups. Redington Waders have proven to be very reliable in every respect.

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