Shimano EVAIR Shoes

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Shimano EVAIR Shoes

Shimano Evair
Ultra-comfortable! Great deck shoes with soft, gripping, non-marking soles. Easy on, easy off.

"Just like some footwear allegedly helps an NBA star make a slam dunk starting at the free throw-line, these Shimano EVAIR Shoes, can make it easy for a 205-pound man to defeat a 25-pound dorado while leaning comfortably on the consul of the boat", Mark.
Shimano Evair
Shimano's latest introduction to footwear is the multiple application Evair Outdoor shoes provides foot protection with comfortable ventilation. Made from ultra lightweight EVA.
  • Various Outdoor Applications: Fishing, Camping, Boating, Wading, Rafting Trail Hiking
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Ultra lightweight - less than 9 ounces per shoe
  • Ergonomic foot-bed design
  • Non-marking rubber outsole with water-canal design for boating
  • One-piece molded EVA absorbs heel shock and reduces foot fatigue
  • Removable waterproof inner sole
  • Pleasant khaki color goes with all casual clothing
  • These shoes will be a favorite around camp, or hanging our in the yard.
  • They could be a hit at the office as well
EVACS06KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 6 $49.95
EVACS07KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 7 $49.95
EVACS08KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 8 $49.95
EVACS09KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 9 $49.95
EVACS10KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 10 $49.95
EVACS11KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 11 $49.95
EVACS12KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 12 $49.95
EVACS13KH Shimano EVAIR Shoes, SIZE 13 $49.95

After 12-months of hard use (at the shop, in camp, on the beach, in the boat),
my Evair shoes show very little wear. These shoes are amazing. Mark

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