Korkers Mossy Rock Sole

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Korkers Mossy Rock Sole, with new wider stance.
"If your guide won't let you in the boat with these, you got the wrong guide."
In Craig, MT, the young guide started squealin' just after he heard my studs make contact with the bottom of his brand  new Clakacraft drift boat. I apologized for the noise, then informed him that I had a nearly identical boat and walked around in it all the time with studs, with no adverse effect on the boat. But, like him, I got tired of the noise and installed rubber mats for my clients to walk on. The mats were safer, more comfortable, and quieter. Pointing to the hardware store across the street, I invited him to go buy a matt for me to stand on, and handed him a $20 bill.  He didn't hesitate and our day went very smooth after that.
If you fish for steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, the Mossy Rock Sole bears you investigation. You may not wear them in every fishing situation, but you will find circumstances where they provide comfort and wading confidence.
This is the sole to use when fishing rivers like the Deschutes, Umpqua or Clackamas that are noted for technical wading. With 14 tungsten carbide studs to bite into the hardest bottom structure, these soles will keep you standing upright when you're wading deep. I tested these soles on the Clackamas, which is renowned as on of the slickest rivers around. The Clack has large seasonal fluctuations that leaves the bottom loose and the bowling ball size rocks tend to move when you step on them. To make matters even more challenging, these bowling balls are made from fine grained basalt that is so hard that most metals won't penetrate it. After a month of spring sunlight and continually receding flows, the bottom of this river turns greasy slick with a thick coating of algae.  This makes the Clack a great test bed for wading shoe traction soles.
At first I was somewhat apprehensive, as nothing had worked very well on this river in the past, and I ain't getting any younger, you know. The first run I fished is swift right up to the bank and everything on the bottom tends to move. It was surprising how well the Mossy Rock studs grabbed a hold of the bottom. By the time this run was covered, I was feeling pretty confident about my footing. The rest of the day re-enforced this confidence. Mossy Rock soles will now be in my bag of tricks and I suggest you throw a pair in your wading gear bag, or install a pair on your Korkers wading shoes. They work great in mud or on soap stone too.

The Clackamas has a bottom composed mostly of greased bowling balls that lie loosely together.
Anything under your feet can move at any time. You need dependable traction soles to be comfortable here.

I tested the Mossy Rock Soles on this notoriously slick bottom steelhead river,
and gained confidence with every step.

What the Mossy Rock studs looks like after several days of hard use..
Sticks to anything
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