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The Fly Fishing Shop Lucky Logo Hat Simms Hats
Long Bill 45+UPF Sun-block Hat  
Water Repellent Waxed Cotton Logo Hat Logo Visor

Mark Bachmann on Oregon's Deschutes River wearing the Simms Gore-Tex Sombrero

You can lose 70% of your body temperature through the top of your head.  This becomes more critical with loss of hair. A bald spot is uncomfortable when it's sun-burnt.  Cold rain isn't enjoyable on a bald spot either. Maybe your bald spot is sexy, but sometimes you just want to fish.  Or, maybe you are young and smart, and have all your hair, but realize that a bill, if worn facing forward, shields your eyes from the sun, giving you an extreme advantage when dealing with any adversities.  There are many reasons to wear a hat.  In many outdoor situations it is  more comfortable and safer to wear one.

American fishermen have overwhelmingly chosen the baseball cap as the most popular style of fly fishing hat.  That is because it gives good ventilation, adequate protection in most circumstances, and stays on your head in windy conditions.  An extra bonus is a bill that gives good shade to your eyes, thus reducing glare and eye fatigue.  Next most popular style is the brimmed hat... like my proven Simms Gore-Tex Sombrero, which resides in my expedition luggage; while I'm plotting the next campaign to a local river, or a foreign land...and its sights...and its smells...and its sounds...
and its fish...

The Fly Fishing Shop Lucky Logo Hat

This cotton twill baseball cap is your next lucky fishing hat. Everyone needs a lucky fishing hat. This hat doesn't show dirt easily and blends with nearly any fishing environment. the crown is medium gray and the bill is black. the black bill enhances your vision. Mat Sherman wears The Fly Fishing Shop Logo Hat
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EHC1072700 The Fly Fishing Shop Lucky Logo Hat one size fits most $19.95

Long Bill 45+UPF Sun-block Logo Hat from The Fly Fishing Shop

This lightweight long-bill fishing cap gives extra shade to your eyes...critical for spotting & watching fish.  Rated at UPF 45+ this cap also gives extra protection from the possible harmful effects of UV rays.  This hat cups your head, and is not easily effected by wind.  The mesh liner inside the crown gives extra ventilation. Every Fly Fishing Shop Logo hat is certified lucky.  70% cotton, 30% nylon fabric. Navy color Mark Bachmann weres The Fly Fishing Shop Long Bill Hat
Item Description Size Price To Top
LBUPFBLUE Lightweight Lucky Hat from The Fly Fishing Shop, Long Bill 45-UPF, COLOR Navy one size fits most $25.00

Water Repellent Waxed Cotton Hat

The selection of a hat is of prime importance. It must be waterproof, even though it will be under the hood of your waterproof jacket most of the time. A baseball cap with a bill will shield your glasses from rain and help keep your face moisture free. A waxed cotton baseball cap is very practical. We had these specifically made for the purpose. Tony Barnes wears The Fly Fishing Shop Logo Waxed Cotton Hat
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FFS-WCG Waxed Cotton Logo Hat, COLOR Forest Green one size fits most $25.00

The Fly Fishing Shop Logo Visor

Cotton twill visor. Navy Blue color. Fits a wide range of sizes. Shades the eyes. Allows maximum air circulation around the head.  
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FFS LOGO VISOR The Fly Fishing Shop Visor, Navy one size fits most $12.95

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