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Cascadia Cap Gore-Tex Sombrero Wool Scotch Cap
Chunky Beanie Extreme Hat WINDSTOPPER® Beanie
The head rules the animal, because it houses the brain; that nerve center that controls all functions. Freeze a finger tip and it is much discomfort. Freeze your brain and you are dead. The brain must be protected at all costs. Like all complex machines, the human brain works best within a certain range of temperatures; not too hot, and not too cold. During colder temperatures, the scalp must be kept dry. During hot, bright days shade for the brain is a must.
In the outdoors a hat is mandatory in nearly all climatic conditions. When you are at risk to the elements, hat function is much more important than style, but the most functional garments are usually very distinctive and they become stylish as well. Form follows function. Simms has created some of the best looking and most functional head protection available for anglers. Simms leadership in the outdoor clothing arena is due to several factors. First it has the largest research group in the industry. Nearly every fly fishing guide wears Simms gear. Second it is in tight with the Gore-Tex company, which makes extremely lightweight, durable, waterproof, breathable fabric. Gore-Tex is a perfect fabric for hat construction, especially when combined with lightweight fleece. WINDSTOPPER® is also a premium hat material for stopping effects of bad weather.


Snuff an Arctic assault with Simms’ fully waterproof, quilted fleece-lined 3-layer GORE-TEX® ExStream™ Hat. Features include a plush elastic sweatband and customizable fit thanks to an adjustable circumference with a back cord lock. Black under the brim reduces glare. One size fits most.

  • Waterproof/breathable
  • Quilted fleece lining
  • Plush elastic sweatband
  • Adjustable circumference with back cord lock
  • Black under brim reduces glare
The  Simms Gore-Tex Extreme Hat is serious protection for your head. When the weather turns real nasty, wet & cold, you know the kind I mean, like a frog strangler rain with ice & snow mixed in it, you need the Simms Gore-Tex Extreme Hat to help keep you warm and dry.
I don't always wear mine, even in the winter, but it is always with me, in my dry bag, just in case the atmospheric conditions turn bad.
Several times this hat has made the difference between total comfort and real misery.
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10971-064-00 Simms Gore-Tex Extreme Hat, Coal one size fits most $69.95

Full-coverage Sombrero style hat featuring GORE-TEX® waterproof/breathable protection.
  • Waterproof, breathable fully seam-sealed hat
  • Adjustable circumference with back cord lock
  • Inner sweatband with brushed tricot crown lining
  • Foam inside brim keeps hat afloat
  • Removable chin strap with soft rubber barrel adjuster
  • Hook & loop at sides transforms into safari style
  • Reflective logo
  • 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric wtih 100% Nylon face
  • The Simms Gore-Tex Sombrero fits a lot of weather conditions. It shades your neck, face and ears. The underside of the brim is non-reflective black for better vision. The thin fleece lining tends to stick to your head, so the hat stays in place on your head. The Sombrero sheds water and gives better peripheral vision than a hood. It folds flat to easily store in your gear bag. Sombreros are perfect for all fly fishing hombres.
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    HGTEX03400 Simms Gore-Tex Sombrero, Dark Grey one size fits most $54.95 Out of Stock


    Inspired by winter in the Bridger, Gallatin, and Madison ranges, Simms’ Chunky Beanie is the perfect cold-weather companion from peak to Yellowstone Basin spring creek. Fleece-lined performance and hand-knit style gets the Simms stamp with its signature, rubber-welded logo.
  • New design with hand-knit look
  • Fleece lining for added warmth
  • Rubber welded Simms logo
  • Item Description Size Price To Top
    10095-013-00 Chunky Beanie, Dark Shadow one size fits most $29.95
    10829-001-00 Chunky Beanie, Black one size fits most $29.95


    Breeze in your hair is great—when you’re at the beach. But mach-speed gusts on Wyoming’s North Platte system give new meaning to “surf’s up!” Slip into Simms’ revamped Guide Beanie and battle gnarly weather with a WINDSTOPPER®-lined crown and fleece over your ears for plush windproof protection.
  • New design featuring WINDSTOPPER®-lined crown & fleece at ear area provides windproof head protection
  • Shallow crown for fitted look
  • Polyester fleece at ear area for quieter, comfortable wear
  • Item Description Size Price To Top
    10794-302-00 WindStopper Guide Beanie, Loden one size fits most $24.95
    10097-309-00 WindStopper Guide Beanie, Olive one size fits most $19.95


    An update to an old favorite, this WINDSTOPPER® cap offers 100% windproof protection.
  • WINDSTOPPER® brushed lining for full windproof protection
  • 100% Polyester fleece exterior
  • Item Description Size Price To Top
    HWS1101100 WindStopper Stocking Cap, Black one size fits most $24.95
    HWS1102000 WindStopper Stocking Cap, Brown one size fits most $24.95

    Woll Scotch Cap

    Keep your head in the game longer with the warmth-hoarding—even when wet—skills of Simms’ Wool Scotch Cap. Hats feature a brow wicking sweatband, knit wool flaps to thaw exposed ears, and a full visor for glare-cutting glimpses into emerald green waters. Flexfit® stretch means one size fits most.
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    10793-001-00 Wool Scotch Cap, Black one size fits most $39.95
    10793-011-00 Wool Scotch Cap, Charcoal one size fits most $39.95

    Cascadia Cap

     Just like the coursing meanders that draw salmonids into the fern-laced recesses of the Pacific Northwest, fishing runs through your life. Simms’ Cascadia Cap knows the territory and comes equipped for precip with a waxed cotton canvas façade, a moisture wicking interior sweatband, and a plastic-clip closure. One size fits most.

    Item Description Size Price To Top
    10495-302-00 Cascadia Cap, Loden one size fits most $24.95

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