Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack

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Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack
Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack
Itís just comfortable. This minimalist chest/lumbar pack is perfect when a single fly box isn't enough, but more than two is just too much.  Wear as a chest, waist, or sling bag for any local creek or stream.
  • Low profile design
  • Main storage compartment with three interior pockets
  • Zippered mesh interior pocket
  • Lightweight, waterproof and breathable fabric
  • Signature, zip down fly bench with replaceable foam,
      patented molded pocket design
  • Tarpaulin tabs and elastic loops for accessory attachment
  • Attachment points for tools and hemostat
  • Fixed large-padded neck strap
  • Padded waist strap
  • Carry handle 

Volume: 150 cubic inches
Dimensions: 7 " X 9" X 4"

Item Description Color Price To Top
ACP-B Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack Barnwood $69.95
ACP-O Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack Overcast $69.95
ACP-dB Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack Deepwater Blue $69.95

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