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Basic Fly Casting

Fly Fishing 4 hr.

Fly Fishing Lakes

Fly Tying

Elementary Spey Casting 4 hr.

Advanced Spey Casting for Right Handers

Because of its unique location, The Fly Fishing Shop is able to offer high quality crash course fly fishing schools. The Mt. Hood Area boasts a myriad of small trout streams and lakes that are well suited to the beginning angler. Our instructors are second to none in their understanding of the sport.  They have very personable teaching skills. You will learn a lot in a short period of time.  Classes are limited to two students per instructor.  You will receive maximum attention....or come by yourself and get all of the attention. Classes are scheduled in advance to suit the individual or party. You may phone, email or stop by for an appointment.  1-800-266-3971     flyfish@flyfishUSA.com

Of special interest are the "Fly Fishers Winter Months Round Tables".  These are Sunday after noon fly tying sessions that offer free instruction.  They are scheduled from November through April.  More than just fly tying classes they convey special insights into a wide variety of fly fishing subjects and are a meeting place for local fly fishers. Participants are expected to supply their own tools and materials.  Loaner equipment will be available for your first Round Table.  Try a new vise any time. If you are a beginner we highly recommend the  "Eight Hour Introductory Fly Tying Class".                       

E-Mail for an appointment.

* Two Hour Fly Casting Class

Fly fishing is very enjoyable and productive if you have good casting skills. Fly casting is easy to learn if you have an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. The Federation of Fly Fishers certifies our instructors. You will learn the fundamentals of both over head and roll casting. Casting classes are available year round.

Price: $50 for 1 or 2 anglers.                                                                 To Top

** Personalized Half Day Fly Fishing Schools

Classes include one hour of fly casting instruction. Then you will learn how to locate fish and select the proper fly. Proper fly presentation will be discussed in great detail. Emphasis is placed on you the student being able to hook and land fish during your class. These classes are available June through October.

Price: $100 = 1 or 2 anglers. Class lasts 4 hours.                                            To Top

Elementary Spey Casting Class
Your teacher is Mark Bachmann an ardent spey fisher and experienced communicator.  

Start at the beginning and achieve a thorough understanding of how spey casting works.  This 4 hr. class is for the beginning  or intermediate spey casters who wants to obtain their casting and fishing skills quickly. Classes are per individual and by appointment only.  Emphasis is on improving your form, timing and under standing of basic spey casting as it pertains to catching steelhead & salmon.

Price: $150 = 1 angler per class only. Class lasts 4 hours on the water.
1/2 the price of this class ($75) will be deducted from the cost of any spey rod/reel/line outfit  Purchase Purchaced The Fly Fishing Shop within 10 days.  (Outfit must be valued at $750 or more. Sale items are not eligible.)                                                                                   
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Six Hour Introductory Trout Fly Tying Class

This class will teach you how to tie a variety of practical fishing flies very quickly.  Everything you need is supplied in this class.  All need to bring is the need to learn.  All tools and materials are supplied.  There are (2) three hour sessions in each class.  Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening classed are planned.  Class maximum size is 12 and minimum size is 6.  You may sign up and pay on-line or by phone. 1-800-266-3971

You will learn about:
Fly tying tools and materials.  Emphasis will be on learning how to judge exacting proportions and how to construct durable, practical productive fly patterns. 

You will learn to tie:
1. a Wooly Worm & Wooly Bugger wet flies
2. a Gold Rib Hares Ear & Pheasant Tail nymphs
3. a Gray Hackle Peacock & Elk Hair Caddis dry flies

Item Description Amount Price To Top
FLYCLASS-1 6 hour tying class, Wednesday August 8 and 15, 01 1 $50
FLYCLASS-2 6 hour tying class, Sunday November 4 and 11, 01 1 $50
FLYCLASS-3 6 hour tying class, Wednesday November 7 and 14, 01 1 $50

What you should bring for outdoor classes.

  1. Rain Coat (earth-tones for fishing school)
  2. Polarized glasses
  3. Waders can be provided for fly fishing school students. However if you want to be assured of a proper fit, bring your own.
  4. Rod, reel & flies will be provided.

  The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR

1 (800) 266-3971

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