Float Trips For Deschutes Trout and Steelhead

Float Trips for Deschutes Trout and Steelhead offers some of the finest fly fishing in the world.

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The Fly Fishing Shop provides the most experienced guides and best equipment for trout and steelhead fishing on Oregon's Deschutes River.          Last Up-dated 04/19/12
Trout Day Floats
If you wait to hear about the latest hatch before you book your trips, you are already behind.  Book your day trips now for the famed Salmon fly hatch on the renowned Deschutes River and be guaranteed a guide and part of the action!
The expert guide staff here at The Fly Fishing Shop will work hard at putting you on top of some of the world’s prettiest and hardest fighting trout. They will also improve your catch rate by helping you with any type of casting and presentation issues that you may have. 
Our instructors also know a lot of the history of the Deschutes canyon, and have extensive knowledge of the critters, plants, and geology of this beautiful fishery.
They will shine most when it comes to knowing where and when to put you on the river for the ultimate fishing experience.  Our aim is to pass on the intimate knowledge of the river learned by years of experience, all concentrated for you into an 8-10 hour day of fishing.
You will be provided with a tasty streamside lunch and beverages, along with any tackle you may need, or you may bring your own favorite flies and rod set-up.
Providing a great camaraderie, local knowledge and history of the river and fish, and having fun on the river is what the day is all about.
Don’t hesitate—be there when the hatch begins!
Deschutes Day Trips: 1 or 2 Anglers.....$550     3 Anglers.....$650
Prices include Deschutes Boater Passes.
Prices do not include Oregon Fishing License or Warm Springs Reservation Permits.
Call for reservations: 800-266-3971
Ship Your Gear
Whether attending one of our schools or a guided trip, travelling anglers will often find it more convenient and less expensive to ship their personal gear by UPS rather than to transport it on an airplane. We will gladly receive your fishing and/or camping gear for you at The Fly Fishing Shop and then after your trip with us, return your gear to your home or next destination.

Booking now for Deschutes Steelhead 2012                                Last Up-dated 04/19/12
 What Is Provided
Josh Linn guides steelhead trips on the Deschutes River. Drift boats are quiet and can get to productive places...
The Deschutes River is considered one of the finest trout and summer steelhead rivers in the world. Every year huge numbers of steelhead migrate up the Columbia to their birthplace in the Deschutes. The Deschutes River canyon is an amazingly beautiful place cut into a deep basalt gorge. Its riverbank, covered with sagebrush and alders, are home to Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer and a myriad of other wild critters, making for great wildlife veiwing!

Deschutes Steelhead start showing up to the lower river in good numbers by mid-July and are here in full force by September. These Steelhead are best known for their aggressive surface strikes and long acrobatic runs. Skating dry flies or swinging a wet fly just below the surface with a floating line and long leader is the preferred method.

Within this summer season, the Deschutes River gets a varied mix of Steelhead.
 “A” run steelhead enter the river July through September, these fish are about five to six pounds, on average.
In September, “B” run fish, the Big Brothers of the season, start showing up.   They are typically seven to ten pound, two salt fish.
Some larger fish are in the mix.  These brutes can get as large as twenty pounds.  Most of these larger fish are actually on their way to Idaho and are stopping over until river conditions become perfect for the rest of their journey.

To increase your steelheading success, covering as much water as possible is the name of the game. Our float trips begin at sun up and end after dark. This way, you have the most amount of time on the water as possible. And what’s wrong with sleeping and waking up riverside?  Not to mention increasing our odds of hooking multiple steelhead?  If this sounds good to you, you might think about one of our camp trips from Mack’s Canyon to the Mouth of the Deschutes.

We typically target Steelhead on the Deschutes with Spey Rods ranging from 12’- 14’ in sizes 5, 6, 7 and 8wt with floating lines such as Rio’s AFS system.  Traditional wet flies like Green Butt Skunks, Prisms, and the Fly Du Jour work extremely well.

We always have the latest in Spey rods and lines. If there is anything you would like to try out, just let us know. What Is Provided

Deschutes River Steelhead
One Day Float Trips

1 or 2 Anglers... ...$550
3 Anglers... ...$650

Multi-Day Deschutes River
Fly Fishing Camping Trips

$375 per person per day, 2 person minimum
  2 People 3 People
2 Days $1,500 $2,250
3 Days $2,250 $3,375
4 Days $3,000 $4,500
5 Days $3,750 $5,625

The Deschutes River is regulated so that all fishing is done while hiking or wading. 
Fishing from a boat is not allowed. 
On float trips we use large stable, state-of-the-art drift boats for transportation.  
These boats haul lots of gear and will give you maximum comfort and access to all parts of the river.
Your guide will always have the latest specialized fly fishing gear and flies for you to try.
Lunch is provided on one day trips.

On multi-day camping trips, we provide all meals and camping gear.  You will sleep on a comfortable padded cot in a large, secure dome tent (double occupancy).  Cooking and eating is done in a screen house.  
The potty has its own special tent for privacy.
Meals can be customized to fit any dietary requirements. 
We do not furnish sleeping bags, waders, personal items or alcoholic beverages. 

Prices include Deschutes Boater Passes. Prices do not include State Fishing Licenses.


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