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Deschutes River Camps, extreme comfort in the wilderness.

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Sumac camp, October
Our camps give maximum comfort and protection, while providing intimate contact with nature.
Our Deschutes River "on-the-water" camps provide a comfortable refuge from wind, rain, heat and cold, yet give intimate contact with nature in one of the most uniquely restored wild habitats in North America. The lower Deschutes Canyon is a living monument to man's ability to coexist in harmony with nature. Even more to the point, it is living proof that degraded habitats can be restored and become even more useful to their communities. Our camps have been refined over a thirty year process to coexist-with nature and bring out the best in their surroundings, while extending the best advantages to our clients. This has been done by adapting every piece of equipment to a specific task and by sparing no expense to get the most practical gear available.
We provide all meals and camping gear. 
You will sleep on a comfortable padded cot in a large, secure dome tent (double occupancy unless specially arranged).  
Cooking and eating is done in a screen house. 
A separate dining/class-room tent is provided for larger groups.
The potty has its own special tent for privacy. 
Two toilets with privacy tents are set up for larger groups. 
A hot water shower and privacy shower stall will be available at jet boat camps.
Generated 110 electricity is available. Cell phone service is not.
Meals can be customized to fit any dietary requirements.
Casting and fishing lessons are gladly provided at no extra charge.
We do not furnish sleeping bags, waders or personal items.
Bring your own rod/reel set up & tackle (including a clipper and hook sharpener).
You will want to bring a selection of flies.
It is wise to phone ahead and get the latest up-dates on hatches, etc.
Extra rod/reel setups will be available for special use.
Our guides are liberal with special flies for special occasions.

Deschutes Equipment List
Steelhead Camp, September
Our camps give instant access to the best fly fishing water.

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