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Line Building; Simple and Easy with Al Buhr.
March 17, Saturday, 9:00am - 4:00pm, with a 1-hour lunch break.      Al's Books

Al with a steelhead he caught with a waking fly, while standing on the bank.

Improve your success while making your fishing outing more enjoyable. A custom tailored fly line, like a personal hand-tied fly, has some advantages. A personalized fly line can match your unique casting style. It can be tailored to your own rod and help provide a super smooth casting outfit. Unique lines can be designed to counter seemingly impossible casting/fishing situations. A custom line can be tailored to fly further distances, sink deeper and faster, slice through gusty winds, and more. Freshwater to saltwater with single or two-handed, a customized line can drastically improve your

fishing success. Line building will bring a new dimension to your fly fishing experience.

This six-hour class will dispel many mysteries in designing and building fly fishing lines. We will explore how the line interacts with the rod, and how a fly line travels through the air during a cast. We will cover line shapes and line mechanics during flight. The Cut Chart design system removes any uncertainty to cutting the line sections. Hands-on demonstrations in several line-to-line and loop splices. This will include knotted, bonded and welded type splices.
Included is a “How to Design fly Lines” booklet as a class text and future reference.
Bring your questions on fly lines, floating and sinking. Ask about best fitting your rods for top performance. Come with your toughest fishing situations and find a line that is the cure. This is an interactive class that will focus on answering your questions and finding the fly line solution.
Al Buhr has been designing fly lines for 30-plus years for single and two-handed rods. He has worked with Leon Chandler, Jimmy Green and currently works with Bruce Richards of Scientific Anglers. Al developed with Bruce Richards the Salmon Spey taper and then the Short Head and Mid lines.
This 6 hour class is $125.00, booklet included. Limited to 12 students - first come, first served.

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LINE-CLASS Line Building; Simple and Easy, Fly Line Building Class with Al Buhr, March 17, 2007 $125

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