Fly Fishing Schools and Classes at The Fly Fishing Shop for your fun, enjoyment and continuing education.

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These Fly Fishing Schools and Classes are Sponsored by The Fly Fishing Shop for your fun, enjoyment and continuing education.
Learn the ancient art of fly fishing from experts who love to teach.
We are offering the Guides and Instructors Team that every other shop wish they had.
Last up-dated 08/27/16.
Fly Fishing Schools:
Spey Schools 2016/2017
Steelhead Class Instructors & Guides: An instructor is the person who teaches a school to prepare you for a certain task.   A guide is a person who takes you to a certain place.  Our guides are also instructors. However, any guided fly fishing trip will be more productive if you have already acquired the skills to deliver the fly to the fish.   Attending a series of steelhead fly fishing schools before going on a guided trip can pay real dividends.
Mark Bachmann teaches spey casting schools
Mark Bachmann
Hawkeye Hawkins teaches spey casting schools
Hawkeye Hawkins

LEARNING TO CAST and PRESENT YOUR FLY: Learning to cast well is the most essential part of learning to catch fish.  We use both single-hand and two-hand fly rods for both trout and steelhead. Single hand rods are used for trout and most other fishes, including steelhead and salmon when fishing lakes and smaller rivers. Single hand rods are also used for warm-water and saltwater fishing. The two-hand fly rod, has become the most popular instrument for presenting flies to steelhead and salmon. This is especially true when larger rivers are being fished. Spey rods (two-hand rod) allow any angler to cover more water, more efficiently. A Spey rod enables an angler to present his or her flies at longer ranges, even where there is little room for a back-cast . This is because the back cast is not aerolized. Rather a change-of-direction roll cast is performed.  This is called a Spey cast.  There are many types of spey casts.  Some are hundreds of years old.  Others have recently evolved.  You can learn all of them from us when you take our Spey Casting, and/or Entry Level Steelhead Fly Fishing Schools.  We offer the best instruction in a comprehensive, yet affordable package.
General Class Policy and Refund Policy We take our schools seriously. They are the best of their kind you can attend.  In order to coordinate students, equipment and instructors with a minimum of problems, we stick to an exacting schedule and curriculum.  In order to maintain an atmosphere where teaching and learning can be done efficiently, disruption has to be kept to a minimum.  In group classes no alteration in starting time or place will be made for any individual. Show up on-time, organized and ready to be part of a team effort.  Scheduling a class involves scheduling instructors time and in some cases scheduling support people.  Once your deposit is received those people are reserved for you.  When we accept your deposit we have formed a contract to serve you.  You have signed a contract to attend.  
Classes not booked with the minimum number of students to hold a class, (or float), seven days before the classes starting date- students will be notified, and the class may be subject to change - and may be rescheduled to the next session.  If less than the minimum number of  students needed to hold a “group” class are registered, the class can still be taught, but the cost will be according to the “number of individual” students per instructor.
Students who don't show up for a class will not be rescheduled without a new fee.  
What you should for outdoor classes.
  1. Rain Coat (earth-tones for fishing schools).
  2. Polarized glasses.
  3. You should bring waders for all fly fishing schools.
  4. Rod, reel & flies will be provided.

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