Teeny Landing Hand

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Teeny Landing Hand
"The Landing Hand is an extremely useful and user-friendly tool. But I think it does the greater favor for fish. By providing more control during the landing process, my Landing Hand helps me protect and release them safely. Everyone who fishes should have one of these, for both fresh and saltwater."  JimTeeny
"This is the most convenient, best designed fish grabber I've ever used. Every angler should carry one. Helps subdue and release fish quickly." Mark Bachmann

The Teeny Landing Hand is shock-corded, which makes it easy to be attached to you.
I fold mine and tuck it under my wading belt.

The Teeny Landing Hand is easy to use. Slip your hand inside and grab large large fish by the tail.

Hold your fish securely and remove the hook for catch & release.
This soft, structured mesh bag improves your grip on trout, salmon, steelhead, bonefish and all other game fish. You'll land fish more quickly while exerting less pressure and reduce the mortality rate of the fish you choose to release.
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721013 Teeny Landing Hand $21.95

The Teeny Landing Hand works great for handling fish while in a float tube.

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