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Lip Protection Sunblock Aftersun Moisturizer
Even Tough Guys Get Chapped Lips & Sun Burnt Skin
Think you're tough?  Wait 'til the tropical sun makes your lips look like two strips of fried bacon.  Smartshield Lip Protector can prevent "bacon lips".  Not only for the tropics or vacation, lip protection is a factor anywhere the sun shines or the wind blows.  What is sunblock? A sunblock physically blocks the sun's UV radiation of the skin, both UVA and UVB. Examples of sunblocks are clothing, umbrellas, and trees. Chemical sunblocks scatter, reflect, and physically block UV radiation. Sunblocks lesson or prevent sunburn.  Sunburn is thought to be a major cause of skin cancer.  Whether or not preventing skin cancer is your major concern, we all know that sunburn is uncomfortable and peeling skin isn't regarded as pretty.  In most of us, our skin develops its own UV inhibitors over a period of time.  We tan.  It is when we drastically change amounts of sunlight that we are at the most risk of getting sunburnt, such as moving indoors to outdoors or changing elevations from high to low or latitudes from temperate to tropical.  The Smartshield Products on this page are proven to us in the field.


Lip Protector SPF30

New moisturizing formula! Protect your lips from UVA and UVB rays with this SPF 30 lip balm. This moisturizing lip balm is loaded with aloe and Vitamin E for extra soft lips and protection from the wind, sun and cold

Net wt. .15oz
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86630 Smartshield, Lip Protector SPF30 .15 oz. $2.95


Sunblock Lotion SPF30

This High-Tech SPF 30 sunscreen gel has a Cooling Alcohol base; great for people who have oily skin or acne. Aloe Vera gel is moisturizing and healing to the skin. This fragrance-free formula won't clog pores, never feels greasy and is waterproof for up to eighty minutes.

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18604 Smartshield, Sunblock Lotion SPF30 4.5 oz. $14.95 Out of Stock

Aloe Gator Aftersun Moisturizer

Aloe Gator,
After Sun Moisturizer

Relieve dryness from sun and wind exposure with this rich, soothing Green Stuff gel made with 99.5% Pure Aloe Vera and other moisturizing ingredients. Includes Vitamins A and E and other moisturizers to naturally heal and help prevent peeling. Is alcohol-free so it won't dry out your skin. Use daily to help maintain healthier, smoother skin. Made in USA.
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101452 Aloe Gator, Aftersun Moisturizer 4 oz. $3.95

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