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Digital Pocket Scale
For weighing fly lines,etc.
Digital Fish Scale
For weighing Fish.

US Balance Digital Pocket Scales 
Great for hobbyist of all kinds.  This scale has a vibrant blue back-lit face for easy reading. Has removable plastic lid, which becomes a tray. Also is automatic tare setting capable. 
Modes: g, oz, gn, ct, ozt, and dwt.
Weighs in grains which is a favored fly line calibration. 
Weighs in ounces, a favored fly rod calibration.  Uses two AAA batteries (included).
500g capacity (17.6 ounces)
5-year limited warranty

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US-ION US Balance Digital Pocket Scales 500g $29.95

Revive Electronic Fishing Scales 100LB maximum.

The Revive Fishing scale is designed to promote a fish friendly release process. Weigh your fish without ever handling it. Weigh it in your net or bucket with water in it to keep the fish healthy. Just tare (zero) the scale with your net or bucket attached and place the fish in it, and in a mere second the scale will beep and give you an accurate weight. Fits inside one hand or can be lifted with both hands for bigger fish up to 100 lbs. Water resistant. Lightweight and easy to travel with. This scale comes to us via Nautilus Reels.
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REVIVESCALE Revive Electronic Fishing Scales 100LB max $24.95

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