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Glass Cutting Board Metal Key Chain Hip Flask
Business Card Holder Steel Travel Mug Sportsman's Wrist Watch
Back-Porch Thermometer Shot Glasses  
We believe that within each of us there is an innate appreciation for and sense of pride in America’s indigenous wildlife. American Expedition shares this appreciation and sense of pride with each and every American by uniquely relating the beauty and magnificence of America’s wildlife to consumers through illustrations, inspirational sayings, and interesting information on meaningful gifts and décor items. The American Expedition Brand commemorates America’s wildlife by creating intellectual and emotional connections between outdoor men and women and each significant wildlife species within America. The phrase American Expedition authentically captures the emotional, intellectual, and visual sensations that are felt while experiencing America’s wildlife in their natural settings. American Expedition gifts and décor items celebrate the magnificence of all of America’s wildlife. They meet an inherent need for people to exhibit their admiration for America’s wildlife in a personal way. They also give people a unique opportunity to share their passion for America’s wildlife with others.
Rainbow Trout are native to nations that border the Pacific Ring of Fire, including our home waters of the Columbia river Basin.

Rainbow Trout Glass Cutting Board
Our Wildlife Glass Cutting Boards are the perfect functional décor item for any wildlife enthusiast’s kitchen or cabin. Each cutting board measures 10” x 17” and is constructed using thick tempered glass with a rippled surface texture on the face. The backside features raised rubber feet in each corner to help protect the counter’s surface and prevent the cutting board from slipping. Each board is packaged in a full-color display box.
Features the Quote:
"Risk not the temptation of complacency, for the world around you is in a constant state of change."
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CBRD-112 American Expedition, Glass Cutting Board Rainbow Trout $14.99 Out of Stock

Rainbow Trout Wildlife Business Card Holder
Our new Wildlife Steel Business Card Holders are a stylish and unique gift for the nature-loving professional. Each piece has a smooth hinged lid with a secure clasp and comfortably holds up to 12 business cards. The holders are packed in a sturdy full-color nesting lid gift box with a foam insert.
Product Information:
  • Black-toned Stainless Steel Case
  • Felt-lined interior
  • Holds 12 standard-size buisness cards
  • Each image is accompanied by an inspirational quote
  • Secure clasp
Features the Quote:
"Do not forget, in the ebb and flow of life, an opportunity missed is an opportunity missed forever."
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BCRD-112 American Expedition, Wildlife Business Card Holder Rainbow Trout $14.95

Rainbow Trout Trout 3-D Tin Back-Porch Thermometer
The Three-Dimensional Tin “Back-Porch Thermometers” are a fresh and unique presentation for the thermometer category. Each thermometer measures 4” x 11 3/4”, making it the perfect size to hang on a porch post or railing. The detail in the illustrations and text are embossed in the tin, giving the thermometer a dynamic 3-D finish. Each thermometer is packaged in a clear custom clamshell with a full-color insert and a cut-away window to allow your customers to easily see and feel the 3-D sculpting.
Features the Quote:
"There is a wonderful trade off with nature in that it gives us its beauty while it takes away our troubles."
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BTHM-112 American Expedition, 3D Tin Back-Porch Thermometer Rainbow Trout $9.99 Out of Stock

Rainbow Trout Metal Key Chain
Our Metal Keychains are a great accessory for the Modern Day Explorer on the go. The keychain features a colorful design sealed in a durable acrylic coating and an engraved inspirational quote on the back. Each keychain includes premium packaging; featuring a custom-formed felt covered cavity insert nestled inside an attractive full-color "window" gift box.
Product Information:
  • Metal alloy body
  • Full-color artwork
  • High-quality chain and ring
  • Each keychain features an engraved quote on the back
Features the Quote:
“Do not simply travel the path that has been laid out before you. Seek new paths, the ones less traveled. It is on these adventures that you will discover life’s possibilities are endless.”
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KCHN-112 American Expedition, Metal Key Chain Rainbow Trout $10.25

Rainbow Trout 16-oz. Steel Travel Mug
Our very popular Stainless Steel Travel Mugs are designed using rich, colorful illustrations, interpretive text about the animal, and an inspirational passage. The mug holds 16oz. of hot or cold beverage and fits into almost any vehicle's cup holder. Each mug is packaged in an attractive sturdy gift box.
Product Information:
  • Metal alloy body
  • 16 ounce capacity
  • Spill-proof lid
  • Stainless steel interior, lid, and bottom footer
  • Fits into almost any car cup-holder
  • Hand-wash only… Do not microwave
Features the Quote:
"Keep looking towards the horizon and you will see the world not as it is but as it can become."
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STMG-112 American Expedition, 16-oz. Steel Travel Mug Rainbow Trout $14.95 Out of Stock

Shot Glasses, Rainbow Trout
The Shot Glass Set is a must for any sportsman's cabin, basement bar, or shot glass collection. Each set includes two individually-designed shot glasses packaged in an attractive sturdy gift box. Each individual glass features a unique full-color wildlife illustration on the front and an inspirational nature quote on the back. Features the Quote:
"Since we are unable to change the past or predict the future, it is essential that we make the most of today."


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2SHT-112 American Expedition, Shot Glasses Rainbow Trout $7.95 Out of Stock

Rainbow Trout 6 oz. Hip Flask
These Stainless Steel Hip Flasks are a great men's gift. Each flask measures 3 3/4" x 4 1/2" and has a capacity of six ounces. They are packaged in a formed felt insert and placed in an attractive sturdy gift box along with a small funnel, used for filling the flask. Features the Quote:
"The natural beauty found in nature is a wellspring of inspiration that will never run dry.”

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STFL-112 American Expedition, Whisky Flask Rainbow Trout $23.00

Sportsman's Watch
Our new Sportsman's Watch features a genuine leather band, a high-quality SEIKO timepiece that is waterproof up to 30 meters, and an inspirational quote engraved on the back. The illustrated watch face also includes a date window. Each watch is packaged in a full-color, jewelry store quality gift box.
Features the Quote:
"Let your passion for adventure be matched only by your thirst for knowledge and understanding.”

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WTCH-112 American Expedition, Sportsman's Watch Rainbow Trout $50.95

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