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 Tim Rajeff to appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave

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The Rajeff Brothers, Steve & Tim grew up in San Francisco. As soon as they were old enough to ride bikes, they showed up at the Golden Gate Casting Club nearly every day. Each started casting fly rods when they were about nine years old, and they learned from the best casting instructors of the era. Many of their early instructors were already World Champions.

Steve Rajeff has dominated the world of competitive casting for over three decades. He has no less than 29 national and 13 world All Round Championships on his casting resume. Steve holds the current National single and two hand fly distance records at 238 feet and 295 feet respectively. Steve and his brother Tim were winning teammates in the recent Outdoor Life Network Flyfishing Masters Championship.

Tim Rajeff:
Tim is Steve Rajeff's younger brother. You might have seen him. He's that magnetic guy hanging around the casting pond at the sport shows, the Energizer Bunny guy...the one throwing those incredibly long narrow loops of fly line. Or maybe you've seen him OLN channel where he hosts LL Bean Guide to the Outdoors.
Tim’s future calls for hosting more fly fishing and casting schools combined with an advanced casting book and video with his brother Steve.
As you can imagine, growing up in the competitive atmosphere of the Golden Gate Casting Club, Steve and younger brother Tim developed an intense fly casting rivalry between each other. The rivalry peaked in 1984 when Tim won the National combined Fly Casting Distance and Accuracy trophy and narrowly missed the grand all-round title as well. In doing so Tim broke the national distance record for the ten weight line class at 186 feet and the 15 foot rod class record at 265 feet. Tim’s international recognition came in 1984 in Lintz Austria where he captured the World’s Single Hand Fly Distance gold medal with a cast of 205 feet.
Tim retired from competitive casting in 1985 and now is the owner of Rajeff Sports, the North American distributor of Aiflo fly lines and owns his own rod company, ECHO rods and reels.
Tim Rajeff is the driving force behind Rajeff Sports, which produces Echo Fly Rods and Reels, and imports Airflo Fly Lines. Tim and his potent staff designs and produces very popular rods and lines. All the Rajeff Sports Spey and Switch Rods and Lines will be at the Sandy River Spey Clave.You will be able to see, touch and try these great products at the beach.
Watch Tim Rajeff:
5/19/12, 11:30am - 12:00pm, Tim Rajeff,
5/20/12, 2:00pm-2:30pm, Tim Rajeff,

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