Tilda Runner

 to appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave

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Tilda on the Deschutes
Tilda with a Sandy River winter steelhead.
Tilda Runner is the current president of the Oregon Council of The Federation of Fly Fishers and a past president of the Stonefly Maidens Fly Fishing Club. She helped organize this club's successful Women's Fly Casting Clinic.  Tilda has caught all kinds of ocean fish as well as steelhead and trout. Here first fish larger than a trout was an 80-pound sailfish. We watched in dismay as the spool popped out of her fly reel while turning at high speed with three hundred yards of backing stretched across the water of the blue Pacific. The Mexican captain alertly jammed the boat in reverse, which put slack in the line for a long enough period that the spool was replace in the reel and Tilda landed her sailfish.

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